IPTV – Smart Dongle

ValueLabs IPTV – Smart Dongle seamlessly transfers the complete potential of an Android OS to your television with a variety of features that translate into a rich viewer experience, secure content, future-proof design and quick deployment.

ValueLabs IPTV – Smart Dongle provides an efficient way to make your television ‘smart’ and turn it into a big Android tablet. This miniature device brings the complete potential of the Android OS to your living room television display, with a variety of features that include streaming videos / movies, sharing content across smart devices, and trick play functionality to enhance viewer experience.

Key features:


    • Zap channels
    • Access channel list and mark favorite shows
    • Schedule reminders
    • Electronic Program Guide

Cloud content

    • Stream on-demand videos and music
    • Access videos categorized into various genres
    • Navigate smoothly across videos

Digital Signage

    • Capture consumer attention through targeted advertising
    • Enjoy sophisticated interface and layout
    • Get on-the-fly content update

Upgrades the television into a smart TV with browser support

    • Streaming entertainment and full-screen web browsing
    • Browse the internet and access content from YouTube, Netflix and HuluPlus. Watch the content directly on television with a single click
    • Stay connected with your social network like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
    • Play live and stored games

Voice and Video over IP

    • Voice chat
    • Voice calls
    • Video conferencing


  • Share content across various smart devices
  • Stream content from smart device to big screen TV
  • Enjoy remote media playback and control

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