Empowering Cyber Resilience: Lumen Guard, Your Security Partner

Real-time threat detection solution with cloud-native protection & automated response mechanisms to combat cyber threats.


What Sets Lumen Guard Apart?

One-click test case generationSecurity workbench integration
Seamless integration with the AiDE™ powered security workbench equips your security teams with AI driven analytics. The automation boosts security operations’ efficiency and accuracy, keeping you ahead of emerging threats.
One-click test case generation Multi-cloud & hybrid settings
The platform efficiently collects and analyzes security data from various cloud providers and on-premises environments, eliminating blind spots and centralizing security monitoring for enhanced control.
One-click test case generation Real-time threat detection modules
Rely on state-of-the-art security analysis and machine learning anomaly detection for real-time threat identification. Automated alerts promptly notify security teams, ensuring swift response and reducing breach impact.
One-click test case generation Scalable cloud-native architecture
Built with a cloud-native architecture, Lumen Guard scales to manage vast security data volumes efficiently, ensuring smooth security operations amidst data growth.
One-click test case generation Data resilience
Prioritize data resilience and high availability by implementing data redundancy at node and region levels. This feature optimizes platform performance and minimizes the risk of data loss, ensuring the integrity of your safety information.
One-click test case generation Customizable dashboards
The solution offers customizable dashboards with real-time updates and data visualization from multiple sources. Security analysts can tailor the interface to their specific needs, gaining better insights for effective decision-making.


Lumen Guard: Value Delivered

Advanced threat detection
We specialize in identifying potential risks, swiftly responding to incidents, and mitigating cyberattacks and data breaches. With our solutions in place, you can be confident in minimizing the risk of unauthorized access to your critical data.
Proactive risk mitigation
Our proactive security strategy identifies and resolves potential risks early, allowing you to concentrate on core business activities, with confidence in your fortified environment.
High availability
Snapshot management for automated processes, simplifying snapshot creation and management. This ensures high availability and quick recovery during critical events.
24/7 security monitoring and support:
Our dedicated team of security experts provides 24/7 monitoring and support to keep a vigilant eye on your environment and are always ready to respond promptly to any security incident, minimizing potential damages and downtime.
Access to expert security analysts Access to expert security analysts
Robust access controls at the cluster, index, document, and field levels ensure that only authorized personnel can access and modify sensitive safety information.

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