Transforming your Employees into Cybersecurity Champions

Empowering employees with simulated phishing campaigns & targeted training to defend against malicious attacks.


What Sets Lumen Phish Apart

Real-life simulationsReal-life simulations
Our platform offers real-life simulations of diverse phishing attacks, giving your employees valuable hands-on experience dealing with different scenarios. This prepares them to recognize and respond effectively to various phishing attempts.
Customizable Customizable phishing campaigns
We continuously update Lumen Phish to incorporate emerging phishing tactics. This ensures that your employees are always well-equipped to combat the latest techniques used by cybercriminals, including “Smishing” and “Vishing” campaigns in later iterations.
Navigating Navigating progress in real time
Monitor your employees’ performance and training progress with our comprehensive dashboard, which provides real-time analytics for easy evaluation and assessment.
Engaging Engaging video tutorials
Lumen Phish covers a wide range of essential cybersecurity topics, such as information security, data protection, and best practices for handling phishing attempts. These tutorials make learning enjoyable and impactful.
Phishing Phishing resilience roadmap
We’re committed to fortifying your organization against phishing threats. Our hands-on training empowers employees to effectively tackle a wide range of phishing attacks.
Seamless Seamless integration for training program deployment
Our platform seamlessly integrates into your existing infrastructure, allowing for easy deployment and management of the training program.
Confidentiality Confidentiality commitment & opt-out flexibility
Your data is never shared with third parties, and you can opt out of our services anytime. It securely retains data for a specified period, for future analysis.
Evaluating training efficacy Evaluating training efficacy
Detailed tracking of employee progress and performance enables organizations to identify areas that require improvement and measure the overall effectiveness of the training program.


Lumen Phish: Value Delivered

Compliance-ready workforce
It equips employees with the knowledge and practices required to meet industry-specific regulations and data protection laws, assisting organizations in achieving regulatory compliance.
Reduced phishing incidents
Through targeted training, employees will gain the expertise to identify, understand, and effectively respond to various phishing campaigns and other cyber threats, reducing phishing incidents.
Minimized security breach risks & associated expenses
By reducing the likelihood of security breaches due to human error, you save substantial costs related to incident response, data recovery, legal actions, and customer compensation.
Enhanced data protection
Strengthening your employees’ knowledge of data protection practices will lead to improved safeguarding of confidential information, mitigating the risk of data leaks or breaches.
Minimizing service disruptions & downtime Minimizing service disruptions & downtime:
Strengthening your employees’ knowledge of data protection practices leads to improved safeguarding of confidential information, mitigating the risk of data leaks or breaches.

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