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Data Democratization and Self-Service, for real

Oh no, don’t we have enough tools in the market? To confuse and complicate
Yes, there are! While that is a problem of its own, there is another (hidden) problem. Guess what?
The cost of these tools often becomes the reason not to democratize data, at scale.
Whatever be the licensing model, subscription-based or core-based, the numbers still don’t look attractive.
How about the concurrent user and embedded models?
Well, there are ifs and buts with them too.
And most of the tools these days don’t offer concurrent user models.
While embedded is a good starter, when it comes to deployment it has to be carefully crafted.
OK! What about ORION?
Let us dive right in to understand how it is different.

ORION Impact

From Features to Outcomes: ORION in Action

Orion Impact


From Data to Decisions: Discover the Purpose of ORION

Explore ORION Suite – your one-stop solution tailored to meet all your data needs. Its diverse features include a business glossary for streamlined communication to AI-powered conversational analytics, unlocking data insights and enhancing efficiency effortlessly.

  • Glossary
  • Data Discovery
  • Data Index
  • Operations
  • My Assistant



We got you covered, from canned reports to self-service. With a simple and easy-to-use interface, you can empower the teams to build reports on their own. The interface offers the choice of charts, filters, and interactive analysis.

Avail Tailored Solutions

Data Discovery

Data Index


My Assistant

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