Other Solutions

We encourage creativity in our teams. Here are a few other solutions that our employees have developed on their own under the ambit of the ValueLabs Idea Incubation Program.



MeriSavaari is a bus reservation, service management and reporting solution, aimed to automate booking services for direct customers, agents and tour operator partners.



SecureChild is a GPS-based vehicle tracking and security system that helps school administrators manage their fleet operations more effectively, provides peace of mind to parents, and ensures the safety of children. It accomplishes this by providing real-time information and analysis to every stakeholder. This product is a win-win solution for harried schools and anxious parents!



That’s what we are. A set of like-minded people working in a great company. However, we wanted to do something different; something that we could call our very own. A lot of brainstorming happened; a lot of ideas were discussed. We realized that every idea was finally manifesting itself in a mobile application. That was when we looked around.



onyx works
OnyxWorks is a one-stop solution for all mobile VAS needs. The solution is designed for mobile operators, content providers / aggregators, telecom operators, value-added service providers (VASPs), and enterprises.