Yes, we are like any other regular software engineer…

We wake up every Monday, wondering why time moves faster over the weekend 🙂

We are the sort of people who do not know much about cricket but have an opinion on what went wrong in the New Zealand series.

We are the sort of people who know nothing about making movies, but know exactly how it should have been made.

That’s what we are. A set of like-minded people working in a great company. However, we wanted to do something different, something that we can call our very own. A lot of brainstorming happened; a lot of ideas were discussed. We realized that every idea was finally manifesting itself in a mobile application. That was when we looked around.

Yes, there are a lot of app stores and hordes of applications out there in the market. But then there are a lot of gaps too.

It is difficult to find that ONE app that is cool, easy to use and complete in terms of all the features that we need.

There are way too many apps, doing multiple things, but leaving out some of the essential stuff. Therefore, there is a need to use multiple apps to achieve the desired outcome.

But then, there is lack of continuity and nativity. There is no Indian feel to a lot of applications and many of them look really outdated.

Post a lot of discussions that were getting nowhere, we decided to just go ahead and do it! There is no better time than ‘NOW’, there is no better place than ‘THIS’ and there is no better team than ‘US’. That’s how we have started ‘AwsmHub’. What we have set out to do is pretty simple, and is listed below as our commandments

  • We develop what we like and publish ONLY the stuff we think is great and unique.
  • We don’t want to publish things we wouldn’t want on our phones.
  • We don’t believe in number games and wouldn’t develop apps just for the sake of increasing the number of apps launched.

We have all the support from our company in taking this idea forward. Hence we set off on this AWeSoMe journey.

Isn’t building apps very easy? That was what we thought when we started. We soon realised that building applications that are ‘useful’, ‘interesting’ and ‘connect with the audience’ is actually very tricky. But we intend to enjoy this journey, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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