MDM framework

VWatch is ValueLabs’ Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform which helps quickly enroll devices in the enterprise environment, configure and update device settings over-the-air (OTA), enforce security policies, comply with regulatory requirements, offers secure mobile access to employees, and aids remote lock / wipe of managed devices.

The exponential rate of mobile devices adoption by employees to access corporate data is proving to be a source of great alarm for companies. The immediate need of the hour is a solution which manages corporate-owned as well as personal devices in the workplace, and MDM is being touted as being capable of just that.

The MDM resolution to manage the risks associated with mobile access to data while securing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and company-issued mobile devices includes over-the-air distribution of applications, and data and configuration settings for all kinds of mobile devices. These range from mobile phones, smartphones and tablet computers to mobile POS devices and mobile printers – both company and employee owned. Both employers and employees have distinctly different expectations from the sort of restrictions that need to be applied to mobile devices. As a result, consumer demand for BYOD is now increasingly harping upon an MDM solution that beefs up security for both the devices and the enterprise they are connecting to, optimizes the security and functionality of a mobile communications network, and reduces support costs, business risks and downtime.

ValueLabs’ MDM platform, VWatch, is built on a strap-on set of components that support different features which can be rolled out and customized to address specific business needs. Some of the features it offers include provisioning across apps, data and devices and remote wipe, definition of enterprise settings, policies and restrictions, delivery policy, and customizable dashboards. VWatch supports major platforms such as Android and iOS.

  • Provides people with seamless access to their apps, data and collaboration services during any kind of business disruption – planned or unplanned
  • Protects and controls business information accessed from any location on any device, and in any situation
  • Simplifies business continuity by leveraging everyday infrastructure, eliminating the need for separate business continuity access tools and devices
  • Ensures the availability of IT services through rapid, automated data center failover, load balancing, and network capacity management
  • Allows businesses to create their own app stores for business-to-business or business-to-consumer use

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