MeriSavaari is a bus reservation, service management and reporting solution, aimed to automate booking services for direct customers, agents and tour operator partners.

MeriSavaari – for all our solutions pertaining to Travel & Logistics. ‘meri savaari’, from a user’s point of view means ‘my ride’. The same ‘meri savaari’, from an owner / operator’s point of view means ‘my vehicle / fleet’. Our vision, at, is very simple. It is “Helping you get more out of your ride / fleet”. Though the vision statement is very simple, it is highly impacting because it will directly affect you, as a person, every day.

  • Reservation: It is your one stop solution for all things pertaining to your bus travel operations. It covers bus reservation, service management and reporting. Provides instant ticket booking service through various channels like web, mobile and smart devices. The solution is much more than just a booking reservation system and provides business critical information through MIS reports.
  • Fleet: This solution provides you the ability to proactively manage your fleet with comprehensive reports on reoccurring events. The key features of the application are live tracking, reporting, alerts and maintenance tracking. It provides vital statistics at your fingertips to be able to make strategic business decisions in time and also predict analysis around optimal consumptions and load of the fleet.
  • Cargo: It is a web based cargo booking and reporting solution. It provides features to manage your business through booking, loading / unloading and deliveries. Its powerful backend module allows users to seamlessly configure and manage fleet, routes, customers and quotation / special pricing. Monitors pending load position at branches and lets you take the right decisions for consignment delivery.

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