OnyxWorks is a one-stop solution for all mobile VAS needs. The solution is designed for mobile operators, content providers / aggregators, telecom operators, Value Added Service Providers (VASPs), and enterprises.

OnyxWorks helps launch services and deliver content across multiple channels like SMS, MMS, WAP Push, USSD, STK, etc. The modular architecture ensures that integration to any third party component (network element like USSD, a content source like a specific XML feed, service/content provider who intends to connect on a different protocol) is addressed with minimal impact.

We provide the base platform and customize it to the specific needs of our clients. We take the end-to-end responsibility of identifying external touch points, be-spoke development and deployment along with maintenance.

OnyxWorks brings you the following benefits:

  • Enhances efficiency with the necessary features to address all VAS needs
  • Very flexible in supporting multiple delivery channels – SMS, MMS, WAP, USSD, STK
  • Fully customizable with a unique modular architecture
  • Easily integrable with third party systems with a plug-in architecture
  • Extremely user-friendly with intuitive design
  • Highly scalable to meet future business requirements
  • Incorporates industry best practices / compliances
  • Can be quickly deployed with an automated workflow that is easily customizable

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