SecureChild is a GPS based vehicle tracking and security system that helps school administrators manage their fleet operations more effectively, provides peace of mind to the parents and ensures the safety of children. It accomplishes this by providing, in real time, information and analysis about all aspects, to every stake holder. This product is a win-win solution for harried schools and anxious parents!

Launched in November 2013, SecureChild addresses the needs of both; the school administrators and the parents. It helps schools leverage technology to operate their fleet of buses in the most effective manner, while ensuring a safe and reliable transportation service to their students.It not only helps the schools track and monitor the safety of their children, but also examine the driving pattern of their drivers. When a bus will arrive for pick up, or why it has still not arrived for the drop-off accounts for a major portion of the calls parents make to schools. SecureChild provides precise and immediate answers to these, and many more, questions. It gives parents real-time information regarding the transportation of their child to / from school, leading to peace of mind.

SecureChild ensures both operational excellence and parents’ delight.

  • Benefits for parents
    • Improved child security
    • Access to real time information
    • Better time management
    • Access to child’s attendance
    • Alerts and notifications
  • Benefits for schools
    • Improved student security
    • Reduced unauthorized usage
    • Improved productivity
    • Improved fleet safety
    • Reduced fuel expenses
    • Greater ROI
    • Better decision making – dashboard / reports

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