SmartStar creates a new wave of experience by converting a low-end TV to a smart TV, thus enabling users to reach out to the world from their TV for voice, video and data.

SmartStar is a single, smart solution for a complete entertainment package enclosed in a tiny box with media sharing across smart devices at home, along with voice over IP (VoIP) and surveillance capabilities.

We provide the plug-and-play components and tailor-made content packages, including video on demand (VOD) and live TV, while assuring the smooth and easy launch of home entertainment worldwide.


Upgrades the TV to a smart TV with browser support

  • Enjoy streaming entertainment and full-screen web browsing
  • Browse the internet and access the content from YouTube, Netflix , HuluPlus etc and watch the content directly on TV with a single click
  • Stay connected with your friends and family through leading social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Play live and stored games

Live content pass through: A/V & IPTV Smart Dongle

  • Watch online content and paid channels in a single window
  • Leverage pass through using IPTV Smart Dongle and A/V

Media sharing

  • Automatically detect devices
  • Perform remote media playback and control
  • Seamlessly share content across smart devices
  • Stream content from your smart device to a big screen like a TV

Home surveillance

  • Monitor the complete home on your TV and smartphone
  • Perform human face detection and motion detection
  • Send alerts and notifications to smartphone
  • Do automatic video recording and capture images of live video

Cloud content

  • Enjoy unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows
  • Leverage Video on Demand (VoD) services

Voice and Video over IP

  • Voice chat
  • Voice calls
  • Video conferencing

Additional applications

  • Support to install unlimited android applications

Media sharing across smart devices


STB pass through IPTV Smart Dongle and CVBS


Technical Specifications

  • NAND Flash 4 GB
  • Ethernet 10/100Mbps
  • WiFi 802.11b/g/n
  • Bluetooth Supported
  • USB ports Two (2)
  • IPTV Smart Dongle 1.4a IN & OUT
  • IR Blaster Supported
  • Remote Universal, IR Blaster and Bluetooth
  • Keyboard Supported
  • Resolution 720p, 1080i, 1080p
  • Media formats MPEG2, MPEG4, AVC/H.264, LPCM, MP3, AAC LC, JPEG, XHTML-Print. PNG, GIF, TIFF, AC3, AAC, MP3,WMA9, MPEG1, MPEG4, VC1, MPV1
  • Network multimedia Supported through UPnP

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