Fleet / transportation owners are under tremendous pressure to reduce both operational and total cost of ownership of their fleets. For an optimal cost structure, fleet / transport owners need to drive a successful fleet rationalization program. They should do so by proactively tracking vehicle utilization and diagnostics to identify underutilized / surplus vehicles and reduce operating costs. Effective fleet management has the potential to be built into a strategic advantage.
Leveraging our Big Data analytics and telematics expertise, ValueLabs brings to you vTrackFleet – an integrated fleet management solution enabling real-time management of fleets – for maximizing fleet performance, reducing vehicle downtime, and optimizing vehicle maintenance and fuel expenses, hence minimizing the total cost of ownership (TCO).
The vTrackFleet solution has been built using cutting-edge Big Data and analytics technology that seamlessly integrates with your existing enterprise applications.

Potential business value

  • Reduction in vehicle maintenance costs by 5% to 15% using engine diagnostics monitoring
  • Reduction in fuel consumption by 5% to 15% by analyzing out-of-route miles and fuel level monitoring
  • Reduction in vehicle downtime by 10% to 15% through proactive vehicle health alerts
  • Improvement in driver compliance and safety through driving behavior monitoring

Key modules of vTrackFleet:

  • Driver management
    • Time management – Manages drivers, including time management, and ensures hours-of-service compliance
    • Driver behavior tracking – Promotes conservative driving habits – speed and brake application monitoring
  • Vehicle management
    • Vehicle trip history – Records and archives all the trips made by a particular vehicle
    • Geo-fencing – Enables you to track your fleets along with user-generated boundaries to oversee a driver’s adherence to route parameters
    • Fleet utilization – Enables you to identify underutilized vehicles on the basis of miles driven in a month
  • Vehicle maintenance
    • Engine diagnostics monitoring – Provides real-time alerts on a vehicle’s health to enable you to take quicker actions
    • Prognostic maintenance – Preventive maintenance based on fault code analysis to prevent vehicle breakdown
  • Fuel management
    • Fuel spend tracking – Reduces fuel consumption by analyzing out-of-route miles, vehicle idle time and driving patterns, and preventing fuel theft
  • Analytical insights
    • Varied reports for different users – Reporting for driver, fleet manager and other potential users including scheduled reports
    • Drill down analysis – Fleet level, individual vehicle level for accurate diagnostics
    • Analytical insights – Computes scores like driver rating and vehicle health for better insights
    • Ease of integration to existing enterprise systems such as payroll, human resource, etc

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