Proximity Marketing

At ValueLabs, we believe in extending best-in-class retail experiences to our clients’ end customers. The Proximity Marketing Solution is our latest step towards this goal. The solution will help retailers deliver best-in-class in-store retail experiences, thereby driving in-store purchases.

The solution enables retailers to:

  • Interact with their customers within their retail stores
  • Deliver relevant real-time offers to customers’ mobiles
  • Analyze and optimize every aspect of their stores

The solution adopts a unified approach to the overall customer experience strategy – one that integrates front-end customer applications with intelligent and self-learning back-end analytics systems.

The Proximity Marketing Solution is powered by an analytics-based recommendation engine and a content delivery platform which allow retailers and advertisers to use consumers’ information and offer real-time personalized recommendations through SMS, email, social media, or app-based notifications at specific locations within stores. Combining this with our In-store Analytics Solution enables us to offer you detailed insights into customer behavior and store layout. The in-store analytics solution unites data from multiple sources, and applies advanced statistical models and visualization.

Expected business value:

  • Understand the customer through his / her buying behavior and time spent in shopping
  • Targeted marketing coupled with cross-selling and up-selling
  • Increased sales through relevant offers
  • Ability to offer a personalized shopping experience to customers even with reduced staff on the floor
  • Improved product placement by determining hot and cold zones
  • Improved shop design and functionality


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