Sense and Respond

It is a tough time for banks. Rapid increase in technological advancements and customer expectations are compelling them to provide personalized banking experiences to their customers. More so because they are now required to understand individual customers’ needs, their behavioral and product usage patterns to enhance interaction. However, this has meant banks facing manifold troubles in understanding, managing, extracting and organizing client data (behavior and persona) from varied sources. Consequently, they are now experiencing an overwhelming need for an insight generation platform which can help them derive meaningful insights from this collated data.

Against this backdrop, ValueLabs has come up with an insight generation platform – Sense and Respond – that helps derive meaningful insights from accumulated data, and achieve precise customer segmentation. It also offers personalized recommendations to customers, while improving channel and campaign effectiveness.

The typical behavioral phases of a digital client experience journey are illustrated as follows:


ValueLabs’ Sense and Respond helps:


Key business benefits


  • Gain insights on digital marketing spend and marketing channel performance
  • Optimize campaign execution plans and spend based on 360-degree view of customer data
  • Capitalize on customer retention efforts through targeted product and service offers
  • Capture individual customer behavior and product usage data
  • Gain actionable insights into engagement and bank product usage patterns
  • Provide personalized recommendations to customers at the right time and location
  • Increase customer satisfaction through a trusted digital platform solution which protects user privacy


Success stories



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