Excel Repository

Recent years have seen an unprecedented rise in the volume and variety of data, including its speed of generation. Consequently, enterprises today are finding it extremely challenging to store, manage and retrieve their business critical data. Most businesses rely extensively on ‘Excel’ for storing complex information, performing their daily analysis and also for adhoc reporting functions. A lack of proper audit management and risk control measures in Excel might impact businesses adversely.

At ValueLabs, we have leveraged our extensive experience and deep know-how to craft the ‘Excel Repository’ Solution to address the aforementioned and associated challenges. ValueLabs’ Excel Repository is a low-cost, quick implementation tool which can help streamline enterprises’ excel sheet functions, while bringing in robust control and audit measures.

Our Excel Repository integrates with active directory databases of organizations and is capable of single sign-ons. It permits only enterprise users to store, retrieve and manage excel workbooks in a controlled environment.

Key enablement areas include:

 Excel repository



Solution overview


Excel repository


Key benefits


  • Provides accurate audit trails for end user desktop apps
  • Gives access control on desktop apps
  • Implements controls mandated by organizations
  • Retrievable at any point in time


Download the Excel Repository Solution Brochure to know more.