In a push to improve overall experience provided by businesses at customer touch points and also to boost operational efficiency, organizations are looking for unique integrated solutions. These solutions are aimed at addressing customer issues and multichannel supply chain problems by putting the customer experience first, breaking down the walls between internal channel silos and converging to a single commerce platform.

An overview

A cloud-ready web application for Customer Service and Order Management. VeOrderManager offers modules like tele-support including product information and inventory visibility across channel, order & return management, fraud control, B2C & B2B (marketplace) operations management and inbuilt analytics support using industry best practices.

Key features

  • API based architecture for real-time sync of Product Information, Customer History, Order Status and Inventory
  • Responsive HTML5 & Mobile App ready platform
  • In-built analytics for better business decisions and CX through predictive analytics
  • Drive multichannel growth
  • Accurate pricing and inventory information across partners
  • Fraud score services
  • Customer and Order Hub across channels and partners

VeOrderManager helps:

  • Improve customer satisfaction by providing 360-degree view of orders, shipments, payments, returns, and refunds
  • B2C operations team to envision issues before they occur and take corrective actions through analytics like pending orders, late shipment, late delivery, and refund per customer service agent
  • Route part of order through a different fulfilment centre
  • Improve on-time order delivery by 20%, reduces fraud order by 30%
  • Provide validated and insightful data to run future email campaigns

Download the VeOrderManager brochure to know more.