The ValueLabs Stack

We #MakeItHappen with innovation, using our OneCompany® approach, powered by values

The genesis of ValueLabs can be traced back to a single, spontaneous, selfless act. Over the two decades of our existence, we have emerged as a leading and trusted information technology partner for businesses across the globe. And, as we continued to scale up our organization, I felt a need to communicate to our employees and clients, who we are and what we stand for, in a concise yet memorable way.

Following a lot of thought and reflection, I realized that the best way to communicate this is through what I call ‘The ValueLabs Stack’.

When it comes to developing a software solution, we take a lot of care while selecting the technology stack. Considerable due diligence goes into this process since these decisions can have repercussions for decades. You make a wrong decision and you are stuck with something that impacts your performance every day, but there is really not much you can do about it.

Selecting a partner to work with is something similar too. In this world of disruptive times, it will be good to think of a partner akin to a technology stack. The most difficult part of a partnership is to get things to work over the long haul. How can we continue to deliver value to our long-standing clients year after year, both incremental and paradigm shifting? How do we help our employees evolve continuously, as they work in the same long-standing relationships year after year?

We have structured the company, ValueLabs, as a stack; a structure that addresses the above questions and more.

The three-layered Stack, with each layer standing on the shoulders of the previous one, forms the basis of all our thoughts, interactions and processes. The foundational layer of Values, which are immutable, guides us. Then comes the Business Model layer, which defines how we engage with various stakeholders. And, in these days of disruption, we would not be relevant without being innovative, and that forms the third layer.


Whatever we do, whoever we are – it all originates from this layer. The three core aspects of the layer are:

  • Doing the right thing: This is our operating philosophy. Everything we do is measured by whether we did the right thing. While they are four of the most difficult words to live by in daily life, often leading to short-term pain, one always comes out the winner in the long run. The ‘unselfish gene’ is essential to be able to ‘do the right thing’.
  • Head, heart and hand: Any task that is taken up, where the Head (Planning), Heart (Empathy) and Hand (Execution) are in sync, is always successful.
  • PLUS: Our core values are captured in the acronym PLUS (Perfection, Love, Unselfish and Strength).


We have two stakeholders (employees and clients) and this layer defines how we engage with them. The three core aspects of the layer are:

  • Building trust: We are in the business of building trust. We do this by exceeding expectations and doing the right thing, day in and day out.
  • OneCompany®: This is the model in which we engage with our clients. It requires us to explore common values and common goals. We believe that we succeed and fail together.
  • The VC in us: We have never shied away from putting our skin in the game. This has become more relevant in the current climate, where problem solving is usually an iterative, R&D type, joint effort with our clients.


More than stay relevant in a changing world, we have to lead in these disruptive times. The Innovation layer helps us do that. The three core aspects of the layer are:

  • The Digital Flywheel®: Our Digital Flywheel® has the business model at the core and center of ‘digital’. Our offerings in the areas of Data & Analytics, Architecture, Automation, and Consumer Experience ensure that the business is in friction-free motion at all times.
  • Ideathon: We have formal process in place to bubble up ideas at three levels – client specific, our operations specific and industry specific.
  • CaaP®: We believe ValueLabs is more of a platform than a company. It is a platform where various stakeholders can come together and fulfill their individual aspirations, all the while helping others fulfill theirs.


We invite you to experience the promise of the STACK with us…

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