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Bringing innovation at work

At ValueLabs, when we think of innovation, we think of our company and our evolution over the last 20 years. The fact that we’ve had a product development heritage is very key to our whole digital DNA and NextGen service lines. At the core of all innovation, we have this whole concept of taking our product development capability, marrying it with our Centers of Excellence, and building out a better, smoother, more effective way of doing things, through a consulting-led approach.

The approach is based on the belief that when two strong forces come together –

1. A business that has the potential to grow and solve the world’s problems; and
2. A technology expert that understands how digital enablement can lead to solutions that the world is looking for

– what results, is nothing short of magic. This magic is bound to strengthen our customers’ businesses in big or small ways.

In order to enable our customers achieve success in these disruptive times, we have sculpted ‘Innovation’ as one of the integral pillars of performance for the organization. In tangible terms, the spirit manifests itself in the form of Ideathon.

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