The Ideathon is a formal process that ushers the emergence of ideas at three levels — client, operations and industry.

Here, I want to take one case study, around a Human Resource Management software and services company in the US. Its revenue is over USD 10 billion. They have been around for 50–60 years and they also have a captive delivery centre of 10,000 employees in India. But what I’ve begun to realize is that, it’s not about the number of people you have or the geographical spread. It is about how you can bring to bear every aspect of the Stack to a client pain point.

This client was struggling to efficiently on-board their new customers (and the customers’ employees) onto their platforms, consequently impacting their CSAT. To resolve this problem, we ran an “Ideathon”, and based on the ideas that came up, we used a lot of our cognitive, robotic and automation technologies to create this fantastic solution. Now, they are getting CSAT scores of 9s and 10s — simply because the whole process is automated and frictionless. It is just very cool. The power of Ideathon is immense that enables us to think of client’s pain points — start with the opportunity areas and do all the cool things for the clients.

To spark a lot more ideas from each member of every team, we recently started a formal and fun visual thinking exercise to kick-start the thought process among various projects. This has led to the generation of multiple ideas within a timeslot as short as 15 minutes. The thought behind conducting the ideathon in this format was the result of a simple brainstorming exercise with a problem statement — ‘How do we ensure that communication doesn’t become a barrier for presenting an idea’.

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