The ValueLabs Stack


The Concept

OneCompany – A unique concept that stems from our inherent philosophy of a connected and united approach to partnerships. It implies that we are “one” with our Client, working together towards a common goal.

The relationship between ValueLabs and its Client embarking on a journey to operate as “OneCompany” builds from the fundamental principle that the two companies had always been strategic about the engagement to deliver high-quality services and solutions to drive customer satisfaction.

When the Client is in an industry that is growing aggressively, it needs a partner who can bring great people at scale and enable the transformation of the operating model. There is also a need to remove the bottleneck of distrust and doubt to perform at the speed that the industry demands today. Having a partner who can provide such a solution will be a strategic advantage to the Client over its competitors.

The key to transforming the operating model from where there are two companies working independently to “OneCompany” working together, is to have a common set of goals. A shared value system with similar interests and objectives along with people, who believe in the same principles, reinforces the power of oneness. This power enables us to think, perform and make decisions the same way as our client would.

The Driving Principles

  • It’s less about money more about people and trust
  • It’s all about the people
  • Values are the cornerstone to an engagement
  • Mandates don’t work, pilots and proofs of concepts do
  • Measure everything and Track Everything
  • It’s not just programming. It’s a contact sport

How it works

Building Trust:
We have always been in the business of building trust. OneCompany Model is an inclusive way of operating where we do not communicate in silos within our organizations; we do not maintain information asymmetry; we do not have a boundary line between us and our clients. We maintain transparency and integrity across our teams. 

IT services industry has traditionally been about labor arbitrage. With the OneCompany relationship, it is all about value arbitrage – what value can we bring to the table, what propositions we can build, how can we seize the opportunities, how can we put ourselves in the shoes of Client in a completely unselfish spirit? ValueLabs recognizes that very rarely in the industry, providers get this opportunity to stand up and be counted as one among the entire Client team.

We are open about our opinions and pointing out risks. This means sometimes having short, terse conversations about things that are not going great, just as Client would have with someone in their organization. It also means high levels of trust, high levels of admiration, and making sure they truly value the relationship with ValueLabs. There is no separation to the level that when we succeed, we succeed together, and when we fail, we fail together. The success criteria are tied not to ValueLabs benefit, but to Client’s business goals. Only then the Client will be able to turn over their most complex problems to ValueLabs and expect the results they want within the agreed timelines. Such a working relationship enables the Client to transform the company to much higher levels of productivity and efficiency.

The Unselfish Gene:
This engagement methodology is based on unselfishness as articulated in ValueLabs’ core values of PLUS (Perfection, Love, Unselfishness, and Strength). Unless one is truly unselfish and looking out for the other’s interest, we will not truly be successful. In the context of the relationship, the path to “One” is really not two.

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