This component is about the manner in which we engage with our clients — we think of ourselves as OneCompany®. Sharing a common set of values; driving towards a common set of goals. In this model we succeed together and we fail together.

Typically, when you engage with a supplier, one is the client and the other a vendor; basically two separate entities sitting on opposite sides of the table. There are lawyers coming in, Services Agreements happening, SOWs being drawn up, governance, interviews, change requests… and the whole gamut of works. However, there is essentially, in my view, an air of distrust. The client is trying to squeeze the best rates out of the vendor. And the vendor is looking at ways to game the client during the engagement. So there is this air of distrust in the whole client – vendor model.

OneCompany® is diametrically opposite to this scenario. It is about shared values, shared goals and shared outcomes. It is about building a trusting relationship where each party puts the other party’s interests at par, if not above, its own.

Here is a testimonial from the CEO of our top customer. He built a team of 47,000 people in India, for his previous employer (a captive unit, operational in India for the last 20 years). He also knew all the large IT services providers in India. While his intent, when he joined our client, was to go captive or work with one of the larger IT services providers, he chose to continue with us. Eventually, given the shared values and goals, the client decided to ramp-up with us. Today, we have a team of about 600 associates with this client. Quoting the CEO of this company:

The OneCompany® model is, that as an organization, we think of ourselves as ‘OneCompany®’.
We think of ourselves as having one set of goals, one very common set of values, one set of outcomes. When we succeed, we succeed together and when we fail, we fail together. In my mind, I do not separate ValueLabs from us. I think of us as one organization. So we don’t think about teams and buildings. We don’t think about contracts — sure they exist, they have to exist when you are two legal entities. But what we really focus on is that we are ‘One Company’. It has really transformed us. It has made us much more productive. It has given us a competitive advantage. It is driving us to a brand new level of productivity and efficiency and this is just the beginning of our relationship. I’m most excited about the future, what we are going to do together.

This is testimony to the fact that our partnership truly follows the OneCompany® model.

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