We do the best we can for our employees. So much so that we take into consideration the best interests of our employees when making business decisions.

We make work challenging, enjoyable and rewarding for our employees. We make significant investments to have technology experts and industry veterans train our employees in the latest technologies and necessary skill sets.

We strive to help our employees achieve a work-life balance. Our efforts to help our employees strike this balance include on-campus fitness facilities such as a gymnasium, yoga and meditation center, and a cafeteria with free lunch / snacks / dinner options. We emphasize on the importance of relaxation at the workplace with facilities such as a library, a sitting lounge, dormitories and a Zen garden. Flexible work hours and the option to work from home are also some of the ways in which we help our employees achieve work-life balance.

It is, therefore, no surprise that our attrition rate has been consistently lower than the industry average. We have been repeatedly recognized as the place to work for by renowned names like NASSCOM, The Great Place to Work Institute and The Economic Times.

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