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We excel at retaining the human touch. We want to make the company a fun place to be in for all our employees. We believe that the desire to excel should come from within. We see to it that our employees have the desired work-life balance. We measure ‘Fun Index,’ a figure that represents the trend in the fun that each team is having at work. We believe in a healthy body and a healthy mind. It is our constant endeavor to make the lives of our employees as fulfilling as we possibly can. Some of the ways in which we achieve this are:

  • Absolutely world-class infrastructure and environment, with design constraints that continue to build on our desire to do the best for our employees
    • No person should be more than a seat away from daylight – a constraint that cost us a 100 seats
    • Spaces built in throughout the facility that encourage impromptu gatherings
    • A fully equipped, 3000 square feet gymnasium with full-time trainers
    • Dormitories for our employees to relax when required.
    • A prayer room
    • A Zen garden on the terrace where people can go to ‘get away from it all’
    • A ping-pong/ TT table where people can sweat it out during their mini breaks
  • Free lunch, snacks and dinner
  • Multiple events throughout the year that encourage participation from our employees’ families.
  • Regular outings to strengthen the emotional bonding within the team, as well as between the client and their team

Apart from the fun we get from our work, there are diverse platforms for us to exercise all our creative abilities and personal energies. Our employees involve themselves in ValClub, our ‘official’ fun division that puts together all the events and happenings at ValueLabs. We celebrate special days and festivals across diverse cultures. Some of the regular events organised by ValClub are:

  • TGIF:
    Come Friday, there is either an exciting movie screening or a creative competition that keeps us rollicking. The campus reverberates with enthusiasts and cheerleaders.
  • Special events:
    Important days in the year, like World Health Day and Women’s Day, are marked by informative talks from eminent speakers, special seminars, and interesting contests.
  • Festivals:
    All important festivals are celebrated with gusto and fervor at ValueLabs. Right from traditional contests to special dress codes and theme parties, there are a great deal of exciting activities that keep us closely knit.
  • ValMeet:
    ValueLabs’ foundation day is celebrated every June with performances from professional entertainers, as well as lots of competitions that elicit employee participation.
  • ValueLabs Cricket League:
    ValueLabs Cricket League (VCL) is the cricketing event which is organized once in a year with lot of zeal.
  • Summer camps:
    When schools are closed for summer, we organize summer camps in our office, allowing children to accompany their parents to office and spend the day in various activities planned for them. ValueLabs children look forward to such opportunities.
  • Women welfare:
    We work towards creating visibility for female leadership, both internally and externally. We believe that women are great influences and are the key drivers of an organisation’s success. We organize various women leadership programs, trainings and workshops throughout the calendar year.
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