Learning and Development

They know enough who know how to learn – Henry Adams

Learning and development is one of the most happening activities in ValueLabs. From classroom facilitations to interactive workshops and knowledge sharing forums, we run a gamut of professional and personal development initiatives.

Training of employees in the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains ensures steady growth of both the organisation and the employees. Our learning and development initiatives cover training in technologies, domains, leadership, behaviour, communication skills and personal enhancement.

  • Enjoy technology and learning:
    We give exposure to advanced technologies. Our employees enjoy working with cutting-edge technologies and learning latest advancements in technology. Our goal is to help individuals reach their full potential so they are able to put in their best. We provide an environment conducive for our employees to handle complex challenges in a competitive market.

We have a year-round training and development program wherein we encourage our employees to voice new ideas and create an atmosphere of shared learning.

Self study is encouraged through articles, material and references posted on the internal website. Internal communication is maintained through ‘ValComm,’ our employee newsletter that keeps everyone at ValueLabs posted on the latest happenings in the organisation. It also acts as a forum for budding writers who want to share their thoughts. We are close to initiating internal blogs, where topics are discussed threadbare.

Every new recruit in ValueLabs undergoes extensive induction, process management and domain-specific training. Trainee engineers are trained by dedicated mentors before they are allocated projects to work on.

The figure below depicts the basic tenets of our learning process:

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