The Future of Finance, Vietnam 2017

Jan. 11 and 12, 2017

Hanoi, Vietnam

Businesses across industries today operate in a technology-driven landscape. Advances in Information Technology (IT) are constantly increasing the complexity of this landscape, and leading to the emergence of new business models which are disrupting the way businesses have been operating traditionally. Consequently, building and managing a consistent customer experience across integrated touch points has become mandatory.

As a result, businesses are under pressure to embrace large-scale automation, governance and machine learning capabilities in their back-office processes. Moreover, the need is to simultaneously facilitate testing and development efforts for faster product and enhancement rollouts to stay competitive in the marketplace.

Business Transformation through Digital Disruption

The financial services industry is no different from other industries in terms of building a digital enterprise no longer being a differentiator, but a necessity.

ValueLabs’ Digital Transformation Solutions for banking thus address the following aspects:

Create a consistent customer experience

Define moments in the customer journey that make or break the customer experience

Design and personalize the customer experience and analyze the customer journey

Improve predictability with a comprehensive Big Data analytics framework

Leverage a Big Data- and Analytics-based framework to support banks’ key sales, marketing and customer service initiatives

Optimize testing time and effort with a digital QA framework

Unique quality assurance framework that facilitates collaboration between testers, developers and business users to provide comprehensive testing services around business systems and mobile platforms

Increase operational efficiencies through governance and Robotic Process Automation

State-of-the-art integrated platform that allows organizations to choose from best-in-breed BPM, OCR and Robotic Automation tools to combine them on an integrated platform

About the event

The Asian Banker’s inaugural The Future of Finance will be held in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi over Jan. 11 and 12, 2017. It will highlight innovative developments taking place in the Vietnamese banking landscape and display best practice examples from the region.