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ValueLabs Services Portfolio

Keeping your business strategy at the core - we leverage our expertise in UX, Analytics, Automation and Product Development to create sustainable business momentum - all by Design

Product Development

Our product development experts are here to translate your vision into a comprehensive architecture framework. We assess your current landscape and build frameworks and reference architectures that allow your business to innovate and grow. 

Our specialists in mainframe modernization, cloud application modernization use microservices for legacy software modernization to move your applications to a newer, efficient and less expensive technology platform, while enhancing its functionality to promote faster and secure software development.

Accelerate product releases, elevate levels of quality and find new success in the digital world with an AI-led, agile driven approach. Cover all aspects of quality effortlessly, through quality engineering.

By implementing a DevSecOps strategy with ValueLabs, understand where your gaps are in terms of processes and technologies and working together to fulfill your goals whether those be in automation, microservices, continuous integration and deployment, etc.

Having witnessed the evolution of mobile over the past 18 years, we’ve executed more than 500 mobile apps, offering expertise in everything from mobile consultancy, UX and architectures to omni-channel enablement and IoT.

Our expertise in cloud technologies offers the best in building scalable cloud solutions and laying the groundwork for success through migration, innovation, automation, integration, and optimization.

We design meaningful experiences that integrate digital, physical and social touchpoints into holistic systems.

Enterprise Applications

Implement best-in-class Salesforce solutions to upscale performance, advance scalability and transform the customer experience – across the business. We can help you benefit from quick and efficient automated deployments thereby, achieving global rollouts and unlocking innovative ideas from within.

With power in the palm of everyone’s hands, people use the internet to connect on a global scale, through devices designed closely around their exact needs. Our experts have been helping global clients do exactly that with tailored IoT capabilities based around the context of their business, thus helping the world connect in smart, innovative ways.

Our ServiceNow expertise combined with many years of experience in product development, data technology, digital services and the business lifecycle means we can create, optimize and deliver personalized solutions across your business.

By taking advantage of our technical expertise, operations teams can not only free up the vital time to do what they do best but impact business on a larger scale too. Say goodbye to repetitive and routine processes that are holding you back and drive your business forward.

Leverage technical expertise needed for superior IT infrastructure monitoring, tune and implement industry practices, and realign your technology environment for a new and innovative future.

We offer a full range of BPO services. And we believe in building operating models driven by intelligence – helping you discover new efficiencies and deliver outstanding customer experiences.

With the combination of our vast knowledge in cybersecurity and deep expertise in your industry, we’re in a position to craft services, solutions and delivery models around the context of your business, whatever your stage of cybersecurity maturity.

Data & Analytics

We offer a range of data services, all under one umbrella. Drive better business outcomes with big data analytics, cloud data services, and data engineering!

We can help you realize increased ROI and improved efficiency by implementing the right intelligence, which will revolutionize the way your business works. That means a whole new world of agility and decision making through actionable business, cutting-edge predictive and out-of-the-box data visualization strategies.

By leveraging our visionary approach towards artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics, upscale your automation by up to 70% and revolutionize business productivity.


ValueLabs’ Business Partnerships group focuses on building an ecosystem of partners across industry domains and technologies to help our clients win and excel in the marketplace.

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