ValueLabs to showcase the emerging trends in QA at EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference

ValueLabs specializes in unifying the entire QA life cycle through integrated automation. . We do so by disrupting traditional QA processes and designing innovative processes that meet customers’ expectations. The result is high-quality bug free applications that are made available instantaneously.

Our deep domain expertise, in-depth knowledge and experience in QA / testing have facilitated the development of robust methodologies and frameworks.
Our ready suite of testing accelerators and templates have helped our clients significantly reduce ‘time to test,’ while improving accuracy and coverage.
Our proprietary Unified Test Management Solution (UTMS),a Cloud-based integrated platform that accelerates test life cycles, is a framework that integrates multiple tools, utilities and accelerators to bring about a unified quality view of deployed products and / or services.
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About the Event:

EuroSTAR is an all-inclusive community where European software testers can collaboratively work towards evolving their profession while fulfilling their professional potential. EuroSTAR welcomes testers through a thriving annual conference and online platform called Huddle.
The annual EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference is a high-energy, fun and friendly celebration of the craft of testing in Europe. Held over 4 days, it features over 60 sessions including tutorials, workshops and talks and also includes a software testing exhibition which runs for 2.5 days.
This year we return to Stockholm for the 4th time and expect to greet over 1000 testing professionals for the biggest testing conference in Europe this year.


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