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Enhance your cyber threat detection, protection, and visibility. Protect every part of your business with cybersecurity services from ValueLabs.

The importance of cybersecurity can’t be underestimated. Every day, evolving threats search relentlessly for exploitable weaknesses. If successful, the cost – whether it be through a breach, ransomware, DDoS, third-party software – can impact a business’ ability to operate and create risks to customers. Integrity, growth, success, and reputation are all on the line.

Cloud and IOT has allowed businesses to expand and become global enterprises, this has led to expanded perimeter and lower visibility of enterprise environments. Our cyber security services take a comprehensive view of the enterprise which include legal and cultural requirements along with technical security controls.

The key to defending your business and making it more resilient is through the implementation of a solid cybersecurity framework. One that’s designed around the needs of your business. With cybersecurity services from ValueLabs you can achieve exactly that – a secure foundation – from which you can protect your business end-to-end, inside and out.

For many businesses not knowing where to start is often a serious challenge. With our vast security knowledge and deep industry expertise, we can work with you to craft next generation cybersecurity solutions built for your business, and its future.

Enhance your threat visibility, respond rapidly, and get the support you need throughout your journey of cyber-transformation.

A Holistic Approach to Cybersecurity

Cyber-transformation for confident business growth

No two businesses are at the same stage of their transformation. Each has unique challenges, decisions, and objectives. Not to mention being at different stages of growth.

But one thing is constant, and that’s the landscape of evolving cyber-threats. Which is why it’s more important than ever that businesses adopt a mindset of security by design.

With the combination of our vast knowledge in cybersecurity and deep expertise in your industry, we’re in a position to craft services, solutions and delivery models around the context of your business, whatever your stage of cybersecurity maturity.

Empower business with true strength

Effective security isn’t just about what’s outside but inside too. We can help strengthen your operations, enhance your monitoring and your ability to deal with threats as and when they happen. Make your business secure by design, and secure by scale.

Standardize compliance

We can help you bridge the gaps. Tackle external standards like HIPAA and PCI DSS and establish a robust InfoSec management system to protect your organization.

Know what you’re monitoring

Many businesses lack full visibility of their organization, but today it’s more important than ever. We can help you implement endpoint monitoring, data loss prevention, intrusion prevention systems so you can identify threats in real-time and raise alerts.

Secure your business’ future

Security has to be built in. With strong foundations for your business, you’re less susceptible to attacks and can focus on the things critical to your growth – like product development – securely.

Cybersecurity Consulting Services

When it comes to cloud every business is different and with unique challenges to face. That’s why we take a holistic approach to cloud security, so you benefit from security by design, and privacy by design – principles essential to success. Tap into services as needed, including secure cloud architecture, cloud security operation engineering, managed cloud security operations, managed hybrid and multi-cloud security operations.

Build, operate, and evolve your business’ identity lifecycle and governance processes with risk-based intelligent authentication and authorization – across your business’ digital ecosystem. Take advantage of new lifecycle management processes, governance, and admin solutions. Implement and support secure access across the business landscape and tap into IAM capabilities through scalable engineering services.

Threats are always evolving, which is why we help you continually improve your monitoring capabilities. Access advanced security platforms and a global pool of expert security analysts to effectively manage threats, incidents, and how your business prevents, detects, responds, and recovers. Cover your infrastructure security, from firewalls, IPS, WAF, NAC, and gateways. With threat hunting services we can even help you implement detection controls and hunting processes in your environment.

Leverage existing tools or the ValueLabs security scanning stack for app, infrastructure, vulnerability assessment, and penetration testing services. Implement a secure development lifecycle framework in your product development lifecycle and experience penetration testing services designed with an offensive mindset, so you get the best out of your security testing activities.

Addressing your InfoSec requirements is a key part of the process for any business. We can help you establish a comprehensive GRC program, offering ISMS implementation to enhance your business’ compliance readiness, with a built-in robust reporting structure. We’ll define and implement a comprehensive risk management framework to protect you from emerging threats and support you further with GRC product support services.

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