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The travel industry is advancing rapidly every day. It is more than just transporting goods and people from one place to another. The term is broadly used for aviation, travel, and tourism industries – accounting for 10 percent of the global GDP. There is an endless opportunity for businesses in the travel industry to capitalize on their USPs and unlock tremendous potential.

Businesses today have the resources and opportunity to deliver truly personalized, seamless, integrated, digital, and data-driven experiences to their customers. The key is cracking digital transformation in the travel industry.

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Travel Technology Solutions Provider

ValueLabs has an overall experience of 20+ years of delivering IT solutions for the Travel industry. We have a long history of providing industry firsts that have helped our customers generate revenue and increase yield through domain expertise and digital tools. The team at ValueLabs can help you with product discovery, customer journey mapping, app re-engineering, the development of booking engines and travel itineraries, and the creation of holiday packages using data analytics, among other options. With a strategic partner behind your business, you can reduce costs, save time, unlock competitive advantage, drive revenue, and create personalized and memorable customer experiences.

Travel Technology Solutions Provider
Travel Technology Services

Your systems and platforms are crucial to success in the travel industry. For customers, simplified booking and personalized experiences drive satisfaction and return business. We can help you develop anything from booking platforms, search engines, traveler communication systems, security alerts, and real–time ticket reservations channels– uniquely tailored to your needs.

Get ready for upscaled performance with testing of the highest quality. We ensure everything is operating as it should be – including performance, security, integrations, regression, and end-to-end automation for test processes across the testing lifecycle. Our travel technology solutions ensure quality factors in all stages of your systems and procedures for seamless functionality.

In an industry as global as travel, cloud strategy plays a huge role in a firm’s success. We can help you transform from monolithic setups to a microservices architecture, implement end-to-end IT infrastructure monitoring, and assist with problem detection and resolution services. By harnessing the power of the cloud, your business can tap into a new world of global possibilities.

At all levels of business transformation needs, consultative growth becomes a critical element of the process and can help you understand what you need to do and why. Our services include information management consulting with MVP, customer journey mapping, architecture design, product elevation, and feature comparison to product recommendations that are right for your business and will transform your customer experience.

As a travel technology solutions provider, we can handle all your integration needs so you’re up to speed with the industry and deliver seamlessly connected digital experiences. We can help integrate with GDS, such as Sabre, Amadeus, Pegasus, and other third-party APIs. Our experts can also implement payment gateway integrations with all central banks and integrate thematic holiday destinations and event management solution providers (based on your location).

We’ve transformed legacy systems across the industry with a user-centric approach that brings together the user and travel experience at an enterprise level. Our travel technology solutions simplify booking workflows with data-driven design decisions and strategically use dashboards to handle data metrics. To ensure the experience is fully optimized for travelers, our designs focus on visual hierarchy, intuitive form fields, non-technical vocabulary, and more.

At ValueLabs, we aim to help businesses provide an enhanced customer experience through digitalization. We can help you drive loyalty to your business by offering a mobile center of excellence, IoT-based solutions, chatbot implementation for real-time travel information, and mobile-based alerts for status updates, offers, campaigns, memberships, etc.

Use ValueLabs’ travel technology consulting services to make informed and data-driven decisions with the help of our data and analytics services. These services include campaign analytics, profiling, customer segmentation, tracking, analytical decision support, enabled cross-sell/up-sell opportunities, BI dashboards and reports, and data conversion into insights.

Why ValueLabs

Achieve excellence irrespective of your travel services requirements with the diverse and experienced skillset at ValueLabs.

Data-driven Decisions
Data-driven Decisions
We rely on data to create solutions while factoring in your business needs and requirements so that you attain digital transformation in the travel industry.
Seamless Management
Seamless Management
With our OneCompany© approach, ValueLabs will become a seamless extension of your core teams.
Intuitive Transparent Operations
Intuitive Transparent Operations
Instead of working mechanically, we focus on creating sustainable and affordable solutions, ensuring that you’re a part of the process.
Building Stronger Relationships
Building Stronger Relationships
With our customer-centric approach, build lasting relationships with your end clients.
Sarat Vatti
Sarat Vatti
Senior Vice President / Travel Industry Expert
When it comes to Travel services, trust ValueLabs’ user-centric solutions. We understand the industry’s IT needs and key privacy regulations. Work with an industry leader for the best results!
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Using the right combination of tools and technologies can enable the efficient management of reservations, bookings, payments, and customer service. Our travel technology consulting services can also help track customer data, provide insights into customer behavior and preferences, and help optimize marketing campaigns. Being innovative is one of the core values of ValueLabs, and we use the latest tools and technology that suit your business needs. Contact us today to learn how our breakthrough IT solutions for the Travel industry can unravel new opportunities for your business.

Valuelabs’s travel management services apply technology to better customer experience in segments such as airlines, airports, cruises, and rental cars. We will partner with your organization to innovate and shape a superior customer experience through the power of digital technologies. We deploy the power of big data analytics, AI chatbot, intelligent automation, customer experience design, BI solutions, and other innovative technologies to ensure that your business reduces costs, increases revenues, and enjoys customer loyalty. We can help you provide a more customized and frictionless travel experience for your end users.

As a travel technology solutions provider, our plans are centered around developing and implementing innovative technologies such as contactless check-ins and digital health passports to ensure safety for travelers. Additionally, we will focus on creating personalized, seamless travel experiences by integrating various travel-related services and implementing data analytics to improve decision-making for our clients.

At ValueLabs, AI&ML plays a crucial role in our IT solutions for the Travel industry. Here’s how we plan to provide out-of-the-box solutions:
  • Enhance the personalization and automation of our services to provide more efficient and tailored experiences for our clients.
  • Implement predictive analytics to improve decision-making and forecasting for our clients.
  • Utilize natural language processing and language models to improve customer service and communication.
  • Use image recognition to improve security, safety, and other operations.
  • Continuously monitor and analyze data to improve our solutions and services over time.
In short, we plan to use AI&ML to make our travel technology solutions more intelligent, efficient and personalized for an improved end-user experience.
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