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AiDE® is an enterprise generative AI platform that can address all your engineering needs – better and faster. It is configurable and secure and guarantees a competitive edge.

Be it green field projects through code generation, code documentation and legacy modernization, or quality engineering through test case generation, test automation, and script generation, or even conversational analytics and database querying – AiDE® is a one-stop solution that unlocks the potential of generative AI while addressing all enterprise risk concerns.

Powered by the proprietary AiDE Fabric, AiDE® is optimized for cost, performance, and quality. It can help transform business functions, revolutionize end-customer experiences, and enhance customer loyalty, with conversational UX, AI agents, and hyper-personalization.

Inside AiDE®: Augmenting Enterprise Intelligence
Inside AiDE®: Augmenting Enterprise Intelligence
Inside AiDE®: Augmenting Enterprise Intelligence
Harness the Power of AiDE®

AiDE®, an enterprise generative AI platform, acts as an enabler for our designers, engineers, testers, and support/operations to help you improve productivity, increase speed to market, and reduce costs.

Better Control and Security
Better Control and Security
We deploy AiDE Fabric on a dedicated client-server to ensure data protection. Our security layer prevents PII and PHI exposure, detects vulnerabilities, and puts clients in control, resulting in optimized costs, performance, and quality with less effort.
Faster Fine-Tuning
Faster Fine-Tuning
The AiDE® training pipeline allows finetuning as per your business goals enabling usage of their proprietary data and business rules to continuously evolve and improve the quality of output and experience and elevate productivity gains.
Multiple Use Cases
Multiple Use Cases
AiDE® can be used for solution design and architecture, frontend, and backend development, testing and DevOps, database management, analytics, visualizations, and marketing activities.
AiDE® offers custom extensions and plug-ins that can replace existing commercial AI tools in your roadmap for the future and can be easily integrated with Jira and other tools. It also has plug-ins for all popular IDEs.
Configurable Security Rules
Configurable Security Rules
The security layer of AiDE® is designed to disallow configurable PII/PHI/business sensitive information from being input. Additionally, the solution ensures the security of the generated code by passing it through security scans before it is deployed.
Explore Where you Can Implement AiDE®

Software Development

Leverage AiDE® to enhance the product development life cycle for any use case. The tech stack, coding, and security guidelines are pre-configurable in our Generative AI platform. AI software development enables AiDE® to seamlessly generate code for implementing business logic, data models, database queries, and API endpoints as well as UI components, user interfaces, responsive layouts, and build systems based on natural language input.

Quality Engineering

AiDE® simplifies the generation of end-to-end test cases for both manual and automation testing while adhering to coding standards and best practices. It aids in unit testing by generating test code for individual code units or components, as well as code for non-functional testing, continuous testing, and code coverage analysis. With our AI-powered software quality engineering services, we can help reduce the required time and effort.


AiDE® is extremely helpful for cloud-native development, cloud infrastructure provisioning, cloud automation, cloud cost optimization, and cloud security − by generating code that follows best practices, automates common tasks, and integrates with cloud services and tools.

Data & Analytics

AiDE® enables code generation that facilitates querying and analyzing data. It can help with the extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) of data from various sources into a centralized location for analysis. All our engineers are adept at using AiDE® to generate code that optimizes data warehouse schema for better query performance and data exploration. Our AI and ML-driven analytics preprocess the data to transform complex information into valuable insights. It can also enable users to query multiple data sources in natural human language through generative AI.


AiDE® enables automated building and training of machine learning models for natural language processing tasks such as sentiment analysis, text classification, and computer vision tasks such as object detection and image segmentation. The combination of prompt engineering and natural language processing allows engineers to focus on complex tasks such as developing custom loss functions and novel model architectures.


Powered by artificial intelligence, AiDE® helps modernize legacy systems by not only generating code for new components and integrating them with existing systems but also providing guidelines for a comprehensive architecture framework. Whether it is moving to a microservices-based architecture, migrating to the cloud, or generating a recommendation engine, AiDE® can transform your monolithic systems.

DevSecOps & SRE

AiDE® guarantees code security considering common vulnerabilities. It integrates with tools for seamless testing, monitoring, and logging. It enables automated Infrastructure as Code, streamlining deployment and enhancing overall reliability in the development pipeline. With a focus on efficiency, AiDE® transforms your development process, ensuring robust and secure applications from inception to deployment.

User Experience

AiDE® utilizes prompt engineering and generative AI to elevate the process of generating ideas, suggesting user workflows, and creating code snippets for responsive web design. It follows accessibility guidelines and standards to style user interfaces. It can also convert product ideas, feature sets, and user stories into wireframes and visual designs that can be enhanced by designers.

Business Intelligence

AiDE® streamlines the reporting process by automating report generation and creating intuitive charts, graphs, and dashboards to present insights to stakeholders. Additionally, it supports natural language querying, enabling business users to easily access and analyze data through conversational language.


Use our AI programming assistant, AiDE® to generate scripts for monitoring network performance metrics such as latency, packet loss, and jitter, automating actions to address issues as they arise, and for common service desk tasks such as ticket creation, assignment, and resolution. With AiDE®, you can automate infrastructure management tasks such as server provisioning, configuration, and maintenance.

Exploring AiDE® in Action: Use Cases and Applications

Quality Engineering

AiDE® can help with test case generation, test automation, and defect analysis. It can analyze test results, predict defects, and recommend test cases for better coverage. Shifting left on the quality engineering lifecycle, with unit test case creation in the dev process itself. AiDE® can also automate testing by identifying regression suites and test cases that can be automated, reducing testing time and improving overall software quality.

Product Development

AiDE® can help write user stories and translate them into code based on the configured tech stack, business-specific coding guidelines, and rules. These code snippets include both frontend and backend code. By reducing development and testing efforts by up to 40%, AiDE® can significantly improve process efficiency and speed to market.


AiDE® can assist with data and analytics by leveraging its advanced machine learning capabilities to analyze large volumes of data. It can extract valuable insights, detect patterns, and make predictions, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions, identify trends, and optimize operations for improved performance and outcomes.


AiDE® can convert ideas and user stories to wireframes, visual designs, and generate the associated style guides for the downstream development process. Solutions built on AiDE® offer conversational UX to transform customer experiences, recommendations, and payments, thereby enhancing customer loyalty.

Sales & Marketing

AiDE® can help sales and marketing teams in various ways, such as market research, lead generation, customer engagement, personalized and localized content creation and recommendations, and predictive analytics. It can analyze large amounts of data to identify trends and provide insights to improve sales and marketing strategies. It can also be used to create collateral and visuals for marketing requirements. Enabling human team members to focus on high-value activities.

Customer Support

AiDE® powers virtual agents to handle diverse customer queries in text and voice with natural language understanding and generation. It enables providing personalized support 24/7, ultimately enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction. These AI-driven solutions also continuously learn and improve through data feedback loops, ensuring adaptability and effectiveness in addressing evolving customer needs and preferences.

Leverage Generative AI and More on the AiDE® Platform

Leverage Generative AI and More on the AiDE® Platform

AiDE® is your go-to enterprise generative AI platform, transforming businesses, ensuring data protection, and streamlining development pipelines. Go from idea to revenue in weeks. Explore the AiDE® Platform and witness the transformative capabilities of AI Driven Everything in action.

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