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Incorporate leading-edge technologies like AR, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and big data to craft rich cognitive experiences for your customers. Partner with a veteran media and entertainment IT service provider and tap into our deep industry expertise.

The digital transformation in the Media and Entertainment industry is at the speed of light. Competitive content producers command the loyalty of legions of consumers through direct-to-consumer distribution. Multichannel video programming distributors are now acquiring content producers and cable networks, publishers are dishing out information services, and ad agencies are stepping into content creation.

To thrive in such a fast-paced industry, businesses need to deliver personalized customer experiences in an agile manner at the front end. On the inside, they must strive to reduce the total cost of ownership by incorporating automated digital workflows and working with scalable, secure environments that integrate easily with advanced AI. That’s where ValueLabs’ media and entertainment IT solutions enter the picture.

The Media & Entertainment Sectors we Serve

Media & Entertainment Strategy Consulting

Automate workflows to reduce the workforce required, drive quality, and reduce cost. Deliver super-fast and accurate customer service, and adhere to stricter compliance requirements, all while delivering hyper-personalization.

With our media and entertainment IT solutions and 25 years of industry experience, you can deliver unified experiences that users expect – across mobile, desktop, and tablets. You can take advantage of our extensive analytical capabilities to help you and your clients make informed decisions, drive business into unchartered territories, and keep you relevant – in a rapidly changing landscape.

Be prepared to fulfill the new media and entertainment IT services industry demands. Discover new opportunities to deliver value through exciting new partnerships and rise through the ranks with the content creators of today and tomorrow! The future is exciting and filled with more business opportunities than ever before.

  • Gain previously unfathomable insights from your data, get closer to end users and serve them better and feed the cycle to realize unprecedented gains.
  • Benefit from unified experiences across all platforms and devices. Our solutions are based on familiarity and consistency for consumers.
  • Implement test automation across web, mobile, SMS, UMB, CRM, and more, and enjoy savings via automation.
  • We offer an over-the-top platform built to support next-gen digital services and products.
Media & Entertainment Strategy Consulting
Media & Entertainment IT Services

Business and operations support systems (BSS and OSS) that used to run on-premises with legacy/monolith architectures were transformed into microservices, deployed on containers, and moved to the cloud. As a media and entertainment solution company, we enabled the end-to-end journey for several of our customers – ranging from one of the most prominent content creators in the world to one of the largest broadcast media companies in Southeast Asia and one of the largest broadcasters in Europe.

Whether your business has infrastructure on-premises, on the cloud, or uses the best of both worlds – we can help you with everything from video workflows to building and maintaining media asset management systems. Being a media and entertainment technology company, we’ve helped some of the leading media platforms integrate with a variety of streaming services, such as Netflix, Disney+, and HBO Max.

We’ve built multiple media management platforms that power complex content workflow systems. Right from getting raw content automatically from content providers, creating multi-screen content, and distributing through delivery networks to provisioning content for SVOD/TVOD – generating advanced analytics for business users.

With a one-stop portal for ad planning and booking across all platforms, including TV, radio, and digital – your sales team can define and implement various campaigns. At the same time, they can get deep insights into the audience base. By integrating with market research, decision-making is far more informed. What’s more, the media technology solution portal can calculate ad and media slots based on deal types and weight.

From scalable API middleware for web and mobile apps to an end-to-end marketplace, as a media and entertainment consulting service provider, we can help you create teleshopping offerings unlike any other. Integrate payment gateways and logistics platforms, build 360-degree portals for customer service, and integrate with Genesys and Salesforce as needed.

Get ready for a world of enhanced video content with real-time updates and feeds on-screen – all equipped with complete control. Create animations, lower-thirds, video, and graphic overlays. Apply stunning digital video effects to live channels and create standalone live video play-out channels from offline content with dynamic ad placements. You can also work with pre-defined and dynamic multilingual text, image, and video rendering on live channels.

We offer extensive experience in conditional access system integrations, copyright tracking for live channels, and set-top box app development and testing. We can handle all requirements from digital entitlement gateways and smart card tracking and allow headend purchases. We can deploy apps across multiple variants of set-top boxes with multiple headends and a single backend to support.

We can help you build, manage, and operate on multiple levels and offer systems (BSS and OSS). These include everything from multilingual end-user portals for selling content and packs to creating customer care portals and multilingual end-user chatbots. We offer prepaid and postpaid integrations and can help you understand more about revenue reconciliation, examine CRM integrations and extension development, and take a look at content aggregation and delivery.

We have conceptualized, designed, and built several customer-care channels for end customers and customer service agents. Some of these include self-service channels to buy pay-per-view passes and chatbots that can handle everything from billing details and paying bills to upgrading or downgrading packages and more.

Why ValueLabs

If you’re looking for end-to-end Media and Entertainment IT solutions, you’re at the right place. With 25 years of experience under our belt, ValueLabs is your perfect growth partner.

Client-centric Solutions
Client-centric Solutions
We invest in your long-term growth and consider ourselves our client’s partner instead of traditional transactional service providers.
Agility and Adaptability
Agility and Adaptability
We strive to strike the right balance between form and function to create superlative media and entertainment software solutions to wow your clients.
High Performance and Convenience
High Performance and Convenience
We prioritize accessibility, security, and speed while creating seamless solutions to ensure that your customers trust your business.
Entrepreneurial Approach
Entrepreneurial Approach
We approach your problems with an entrepreneurial mindset and invest in building achievable, affordable media and entertainment it solutions.
Sandeep Reddy
Sandeep Reddy
Senior Vice President/Media Industry Expert
ValueLabs has unmatchable expertise when it comes to media and entertainment IT services. We understand the industry’s IT needs and key privacy regulations. Work with an industry leader for the best results!
Talk to Sandeep
Media and Entertainment Services FAQ

Since every media and entertainment IT solution is customer-centric, Metaverse has had the biggest impact. With rapid digital transformation, much will trickle down as to how content is created, managed, and distributed.  On the production front, the whole idea of content creation leveraging the cloud has been and will continue to turn the production and post-production processes inside out.

This is where ValueLabs’ brainchild OneCompany® comes in. We use our deep expertise to enable seamless integration between our client’s core team and the one at ValueLabs. And that is our secret recipe to attain the business goals of our clients.  Whether it’s skills or costs or process focused – we are your one-shop-stop.

This is the beauty of tech migrating from the back office to the front office. Back office means you can maximize the usage of technology when it comes to your employees and business partners. Coming to the front office, the power rests with the consumer. Let’s consider Metaverse as an example. It’s tech that is the talk of the town and hard to ignore. However, we have been successful in helping several of our clients excel in it. If it is something you’re contemplating venturing into, let’s discuss your needs.

Yes, we do. Our rich clientele from all around the world and stacked case studies are proof of our contributions and innovation when it comes to media and entertainment IT services.
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