Good software is powered by a good tech stack. And what powers good relationships? Our answer is the ValueLabs Stack. Built across three layers, Values, Business Model and Innovation, the Stack inspires everything we do.


We believe we are a thriving example of another way to build a business – powered only by values.

  • Doing the right thing : Four simple words. Easy to understand.  But hard to implement.  Something we are getting better at with each passing day.
  • Head, heart and hand : When we think our actions through, feel for what we do, and put our shoulder to the wheel, magic happens.
  • PLUS : Perfection. Love. Unselfishness. Strength of character. We care, and put the interest of our clients and colleagues ahead of our own.

Business Model

We are in the business of building trust, operating as OneCompany® and investing in our client relationships.

  • Building trust : Take trust out, and there is no relationship, business or personal. We strive hard to earn the trust of our colleagues and clients. That’s the business we are in.
  • OneCompany® : We come together with our clients as one team, with common values and goals.
  • The VC in us : We invest in our clients’ business problems with an entrepreneurial mindset.


Innovation is in our DNA Institutionalized in the Digital Flywheel® and powered by our Imagine! framework.

  • The Digital Flywheel® : With business strategy at the core. Leveraging UX, Analytics, Automation and Product Development to create sustainable business momentum – all by Design.
  • The Impact MatrixTM: Measure the value of the tech we deliver through the impact we create for our clients’ business.
  • Imagine: We outline the relevant business model & engineering canvas, and validate these ideas through rapid prototyping. Powered by our ‘Design+Tech’ thought process.

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