Digital Marketing for Start-ups (Cont’d …)

By - ValueLabs Editorial Team | 28 Mar 2016

Productivity through Digital Marketing:

If you are looking at boosting your productivity while meeting your digital marketing needs, some tools that can help you do so include:

1. Google Analytics
Use this to track real-time visits to your website, signups, pages and pretty much anything and everything that shows you what your users are up to right now.

2. SEMrush
This tool can be used to track important keywords and to help you understand how your SEO is performing. It also tracks your performance in comparison to your competitors very effectively.

3. Buffer
Buffer is one of the most easy-to-use tools available as of today. It allows you to interlink all your social channels, enabling you to share and post anything from one blog to another with just one click. It has an added advantage of scheduling everything for you so that you get to choose when to post what and where.

Buffer also helps you with all your UTM codes and social media analytics, so that you can get all the data you need directly into Google Analytics. UTM codes help you track the footfall count on your website per individual campaign, which in turn, helps you understand which posts work the best for your audiences.

4. Followerwonk
Based on your specific audience, FollowerWonk helps find the best time for you to post your content on social media channels of your choice. This helps you arrive at the optimum time to post your content. When combined with Buffer, FollowerWonk results in ultra-performing tweets.

5. Stock up
Stockup is similar to Google in terms of producing high-quality images that are perfect for any theme – themes that aid your blog posts tremendously by making them look extremely attractive.

6. Statista
If your blog posts need some data to back up some points, Statista is what can come to your aid. It lets you zero in on specific data and facts, and offers wholesome statistics in CSV and other file formats.

7. Mention
Mention gives you a clear, updated overview of what your audiences are saying about you. You can track everything that is being said about you at every single forum and / or website, right from Twitter to stack overflow threads. It helps you understand your audience and understand what they are thinking much before you even launch your marketing campaign.

Unlike other industries, digital marketing is evolving at an exponential rate. In the past year alone, we have been fortunate enough to see some radical changes in everything digital, from online advertising to website design.

Some digital marketing trends that you need to be ready for in the coming years include:

Increase in the number of responsive websites
Technology is changing the marketing world constantly. What is a trend today can become obsolete tomorrow. This will result in the creation of a greater number of responsive websites in the coming years. A website that adjusts perfectly within the width of a browser, resulting in an enhanced and optimal viewing experience, is called a responsive website.

Content marketing will continue to see a shift from being SEO focused
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has seen a lot of drastic changes in recent years. What was once considered as a manipulative, shady practice is now being called ‘content marketing.’ The discipline now occupies pride of place because of highly improved and optimized search engine algorithms which can easily filter content which is of genuine use from what is just trying to game the end user’s system.

Videos will become imperative
Recent digital user trends have made it more than evident that videos are increasingly becoming key players on content platforms. It is obvious that our ways of consuming content will also keep changing as the internet evolves. YouTube dominating the digital space in 2015 is an example of this change. While the traditional long content forms like blogs and posts will continue to hold their place, videos will go on to engage more and more users. It has also been studied that users remain on a page longer if it has videos in it.

Design and speed will become crucial
As the web matures even as we watch the phenomenon unfold, websites that will be successful will the ones that provide the most appropriate and relevant content in the most effective and efficient way possible. The design of your website and the speed at which it loads play key roles in deciding whether or not your website will see successful conversions.

The future will see old sites getting a makeover to not only provide important and relevant content, but content that is useful, visually attractive, and quick to load on users’ screen.

Content will become more and more interactive
Creating content that is interactive and engaging will be the mantra in the coming days. The idea is to make users’ experiences with the content unique and their interactions with it much more personal.

In the coming year, we will see interactive content being presented through videos, virtual reality and specialized advertisements that will act as bridges between your brand and your target audience.


With the world fast becoming digitalized, start-ups need to be proactive and remain vigilant of the latest trends. No surprise then that Digital Marketing is not a luxury anymore but a necessity without which your start-up won’t even have a chance to survive.

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