Salesforce Services

Leverage ValueLabs’ ridge tier consulting partnership with Salesforce to enhance the performance and scalability of your business.

With best-in-class salesforce services from ValueLabs, your business has the opportunity to market products better, sell faster and connect with customers in a brand new way – without a major overhaul. Leverage the experience of a highly experienced agile team to build high-quality solutions and transform the customer experience.

Salesforce provides rich analytic capabilities as well as a huge variety of potential apps and integrations making it the most popular cloud-based software provider. This flexibility and adaptability allow you to tailor this powerful software to suit unique business needs. The ValueLabs team can help you do it!

Our Approach to Salesforce Implementation

Supercharging operations through Salesforce

Implement best-in-class Salesforce solutions to upscale performance, advance scalability and transform the customer experience – across the business.

ValueLabs can help you benefit from quick and efficient automated deployments thereby, achieving global rollouts and unlocking innovative ideas from within. By leveraging the expertise of a highly experienced agile team and staying ahead of the competition with a technical partnership, your business will be set up for success. Let’s get ready for the future, together!

Harness a full spectrum of solutions

High-quality Salesforce solutions supported by extensive expertise across domains such as technology, development, architecture design, QA, QE and automated deployment using DevOps tools.

Achieve faster time-to-market

Time is of the essence. Optimize solutions through product accelerators for a faster time-to-market without sacrificing quality – our expert team delivers best-in-class solutions at incredible speed.

Modernize existing implementations

Business should be a well-oiled machine. Optimize your performance, simplify integrations with external systems and revamp solutions to make them both future-ready and scalable.

Access support and maintenance

You’re driving change with the best Salesforce solutions and transforming experiences, but that’s not the end of the road. We’re ready to offer maintenance and support you on your journey, too.

Our Salesforce Accelerators

Achieve optimal Salesforce performance: Conduct a complete health check of Salesforce Org implementation with ValueLabs

ValueLabs Salesforce team created a tool, Tuner, which is adept at conducting performance checks and will help you gauge Salesforce performance, storage, and security effectively. Our service features span all aspects of Salesforce implementation like Salesforce org health assessments, security and risk management, modernization, etc.

Freed licenses leading to improved cost savings, data correctness, and more available data storage are just some of the benefits you stand to reap from our comprehensive health checks.

Automate vital admin tasks on Salesforce org: Drive better performance and security

Lexi, a helper tool assistant to the admin, enables Salesforce org admin to close vital tasks like Salesforce org maintenance, performance and security checks, user issue resolution, license utilization, and data integrity monitoring.

Real-time notification on task status and reminders, reusable reports for checking tasks performance, timely audit of user licenses, and user adoption are some of the key benefits you can leverage using our plug and play tool.

Expedite your sales goals and transcend revenue targets

ValueLabs sales dashboard empowers sales leaders with a consolidated view of the sales performance of the team. Our dashboard can be easily installed on your Salesforce platform and is customizable according to your business needs. It is a strategic dashboard designed to help you plug sales leaks and achieve revenue targets.

Download Sales dashboard (lightening) here.

(Please replace login with the test in the URL if you want to install in a sandbox. Please connect with us if you want to install this for classic.)

Boost customer satisfaction levels: Leverage sentiment analysis to enable quick resolution of customer requests

ValueLabs practice team has built a tool, CXcelerator, which accelerates case management by leveraging sentiment analysis to route cases raised by your customer to appropriate queues and priorities based on the text written in the inquiries.

The tool offers amazing advantages to your business including prioritization of cases based on polarity, agent monitoring to maintain high service quality, and automation to process huge amounts of data efficiently and cost-effectively.

Enhance your performance and keep everything organized

ValueLabs admin dashboard is a strategic tool created to help a Salesforce Admin view key metrics around an org’s performance, license usage, user adoption, and security standard. Our dashboard can be easily installed on your Salesforce platform and is customizable according to your business needs.

Download Sales dashboard (lightening) here

(Please replace login with test in the URL if you want to install in sandbox. Please connect with us if you want to install this for classic.)

Secure your data with best-in-class services

ValueLabs team created an accelerator to help Salesforce Admin go through a series of steps every time a sandbox is created or refreshed.

Our tool is beneficial in handling data with extreme security. It helps in the protection of customer’s private data while scrapping or masking sensitive data. It invalidates customer emails and other data to avoid any automation in non-production environments which impact customers during the development phases.

Our Salesforce CRM Capabilities

It can be difficult not knowing where to start when building a solution. With the help of ValueLabs building it from scratch, the solution can be optimized using accelerators and can incorporate DevOps tools for automated builds and deployment.

  • Sales cloud
  • Service cloud
  • Experience (Community) cloud
  • Marketing cloud
  • Health cloud
  • Financial service cloud
  • Education cloud
  • Commerce cloud

Architectures will always be a key focus when it comes to transformation. Through our architecture consultation services, we’ll work with you to analyze your current architecture, identifying any bottlenecks and, if necessary, prepare a roadmap and architecture for new implementations. We can also revamp your existing setup to make it scalable and future-ready

We’ll provide the ideal architecture to enable easy integrations, including Salesforce to Salesforce integration. Through organization consolidation, we’ll help you realize a single source of truth for a unified user experience. This will not only reduce interlock systems and maintenance but reduce onboarding time for new accounts as touchpoint numbers are reduced.

Why change everything when you can make your current setup work more efficiently? We’ll help you optimize your implementations to eliminate any performance barriers, migrate your integrations to new protocols and help you take advantage of lightning web components so you’re only using exactly what you need and can focus on performance.

We believe in being available whenever you need us – wherever you are in your journey of transformation, optimization and integration. We can administer Salesforce orgs to upscale your user base, provide support for user access and help you find ways to reduce your deployment time for new features.

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