Salesforce CRM Solutions

Accelerate returns from your Salesforce investment by partnering with ValueLabs to enhance the performance and scalability of your business.

With our best-in-class Salesforce services and solutions, powered by a silver-level partnership with Salesforce, your business has the opportunity to market products better, sell faster, and seamlessly connect with customers in a brand-new way.

Leverage the skills of a qualified agile team to build high-quality solutions and transform the customer experience.

Salesforce solutions provide rich analytics and are compatible with multiple apps, making the integrations smooth and easy to use. This flexibility and adaptability allow you to tailor this powerful software to suit unique business needs. What’s more? The ValueLabs team can help you do it efficiently!

Iron Man Suit for Employees

Our teams are able to design and deliver code faster and with superior quality, across multiple languages and technology frameworks with AiDE SDLC™.

Our Salesforce Accelerators

Assess and tune your Salesforce organizational health with a complete review of your Salesforce implementation through our best-in-class accelerator.

Drive better performance and security with our unique Lexi tool. Automate tasks, resolve user issues, and more.

Analyze the key metrics your sales team requires to transcend revenue targets, with our insightful dashboard.

Leverage sentiment analysis to accelerate case management and boost customer satisfaction with our CXcelerator tool.

Enhance your performance and keep everything organized with our proprietary Salesforce admin tool.

Keep your Salesforce sandboxes safe with the leading-edge security of our post-refresh activities accelerator.

Enhance your Salesforce Marketing Cloud activities with these incredible features and derive more out of data.

Manage and optimize your customer relations through our Salesforce CRM consulting services. Whether you’re starting from scratch or need to optimize integrations, we have the knowledge and experience to help you.

Our Approach to Salesforce Implementation Services

Supercharging operations through Salesforce.

Leverage our best-in-class Salesforce solutions to upscale performance, advance scalability, and transform the customer experience – across your business.

ValueLabs can help you benefit from quick and efficient automated deployments, thereby achieving global rollouts and unlocking innovative ideas from within.

Unlock maximum success for your business with ValueLabs’ highly skilled team while you beat your competitors. Let’s get ready for the future, together!

Our Approach to Salesforce Implementation Services
Our Salesforce CRM Capabilities

Harness our full spectrum of solutions, achieve faster time-to-market, modernize your existing implementations, and access our unparalleled support and maintenance with best-in-class Salesforce managed services. We take your existing Salesforce org and make it even better.

It can be difficult not knowing where to start when building a solution. We, at ValueLabs, can help you build optimal solutions using our in-house accelerators while incorporating DevOps tools for automated builds and deployment.

  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Experience (community) Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Health Cloud
  • Financial Service Cloud
  • Education Cloud
  • Commerce Cloud

Architecture services will always be a key focus when it comes to transformation. Through our architecture consultation services, we’ll work with you to analyze your current architecture, identify any bottlenecks, and, if necessary, prepare a roadmap and architecture for new implementations. We can also revamp your existing setup to make it scalable and future-ready.

We’ll provide the ideal architecture to enable easy integrations, including Salesforce to Salesforce integration. Through organization-wide consolidation, we’ll help you realize a single source of truth for a unified user experience. This will not only reduce interlock systems and maintenance but reduce onboarding time for new accounts as touchpoint numbers are reduced.

Why change everything when you can make your current setup work more efficiently? We’ll help you optimize your implementations to eliminate any performance barriers, migrate your integrations to new protocols and help you take advantage of lightning web components so you’re only using exactly what you need and can focus on performance.

We believe in being available whenever you need us – wherever you are in your journey of transformation, optimization, and integration. We can administer Salesforce org to upscale your user base, provide support for user access and help you find ways to reduce your deployment time for new features.

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We have a 75-member team with experience across healthcare, insurance, telecom, media and entertainment, and other industries. 90% of our team has Salesforce certification, so if you need something done, we have someone who’s done it before.

Aside from deep industry expertise, by partnering with ValueLabs, you can benefit from our sustainable solutions using proprietary technology which are an integral part of our OneCompany® approach.

Once we understand our clients’ needs, we strategize the correct solution, develop a unique service plan, and implement it to leverage our Salesforce solutions effectively. We help benefit from quick, efficient automated deployments, achieving global rollouts, and unlocking innovative ideas. With our skilled team, beat competitors and prepare for the future together!

Our in-house accelerators add immense value. We developed them with reusable components to help clients improve performance and deliver better products faster and more frequently.

Three things: Our people, our reusable assets, and how we care for our customers. Also, our silver-level partnership ensures best-in-class services, skilled agile teams, and seamless integrations for tailored solutions and exceptional customer experiences.
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