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Press Release

Navigating the ‘Digital Landscape™’ with ValueLabs at Inspire 2019

Close on the heels of the North American edition of ValueLabs Inspire 2019 at Las Vegas, ValueLabs held the European edition of their annual flagship Inspire event on November 7 and 8, 2019 at The Dorchester, London. The theme for the event was ‘building high impact partnerships’.

Arjun Rao, the Founder & CEO of ValueLabs, delivered the keynote address. He emphasized the company’s focus on building trust with both clients and employees, and doing the right thing, at all times. “When both clients and employees are inspired, you create magic. Our clients now trust us to help them navigate through the complex digital landscape in which they operate. Our Net Promoter Score at 83 is rare for a global technology services company,” said Arjun in his talk.

During the pre-event dinner on Nov 7, ValueLabs inaugurated ‘The Flywheel Exhibition’ for their customers from the UK, Europe and the Middle East. The exhibition was focused on the different facets of digital adoption: User Experience; Data & Analytics; Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning; Cognitive & Robotic Automation; and NextGen Product Development methodologies, including architecture modernization, DevOps, Artificial Testing Intelligence™ (ATI) and Quality Engineering. It was the highlight of the dinner and the centre of many conversations. The magic that unfolds when a full stack services company takes a ‘Proof of Value’ approach to innovation was apparent.

At the main event, Arjun’s keynote was followed by sessions from the Consulting and Delivery teams. The company’s unique OneCompanyTM model of engaging with clients was on display as several customers joined the presenters on stage, in person or through video, vouching for the contribution made by ValueLabs in their technology journey.

The attendees particularly appreciated the ‘The Digital Landscape™’ approach to help them navigate through their digital transformation journey. The event also marked the official launch of ValueLabs’ Eastern European centre in Bucharest, Romania. The company plans to expand further in UK with a centre in Leeds alongside rapid expansion the Dubai centre as a global talent hub. The relevance of ‘access to the right talent’ to help win the global talent war was top of mind of all those who attended.

ValueLabs started the Inspire series of events seven years ago as a customer-only meet. Over time, it has evolved into a great platform for all attendees – customers and prospects – to network and exchange ideas.

About Valuelabs:

ValueLabs is a global technology company focused on Product Development, Data Technology and Digital services. Powered by The Digital Flywheel™, ValueLabs provides end-to-end solutions in the fields of Customer Experience, Data & Analytics, Product Development, and Automation. Over the last 22 years, the company has expanded to 29 locations, 5500 associates and 150 clients worldwide, and has recorded an industry-leading client Net Promoter Score (NPS) of over 75 for several years in a row.

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