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Press Release

ValueLabs accelerates growth with the opening of a development center in Chicago

ValueLabs announces the opening of its development center at 200 South Wacker in Chicago, Illinois in line with the company’s growth strategy. The new facility, with a seating capacity of 150 people, will serve as the North American headquarters of ValueLabs.

“This is an exciting time for ValueLabs and marks a huge milestone for the company, our employees and customers, who will all benefit from the opportunities this expansion presents. The facility is designed with a focus on innovation and agile delivery. Chicago was our preferred choice with its close proximity to our customers and access to the area’s diverse high-technology talent pool.” said Arjun Rao, Founder & CEO of ValueLabs.

About ValueLabs

ValueLabs is a leading global technology company specializing in Product Development and Digital Enablement. Through the company’s unique model of engagement, they help companies unleash the potential of digital technology to achieve real business outcomes, make processes frictionless and lead in disruptive times. Right from identifying client pain points to creating a solution roadmap, then to building out the solution, and finally to managing end-to-end operations. Oftentimes, ending up bootstrapping the initial effort till the client realizes value. Companies need a trusted partner that can own the problem, experiment, invest, and deliver technology solutions faster than ever. This is where ValueLabs exists.
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