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Press Release

ValueLabs announces a new look

Marking its 22 years in the industry, ValueLabs, a global technology company, announced the launch of its new logo on 21st June 2019.

The new and improved brand image is inspired by all elements that spell sophistication and clarity. The new logo draws inspiration from a diamond, which is a picture of ‘strength’ and ‘perfection’, two values that are foundational to ValueLabs. There is an ‘upward tick’ on the left reflecting their commitment to doing the right thing, always.

Valuelabs logo

The colour palette consists of bold colours like Keppel, which is a mix of blue, yellow and green. Blue for freedom, yellow for hope and green for all things done right, concepts that are synonymous with ValueLabs today. The minimalist approach of the brand is further accentuated by the use of just white and black along with Keppel.

This rebranding is centered on the aspiration of being best in class in everything they do.

We have grown as a company, spread across 28 locations globally, and operate at the intersection of technology, innovation and problem-solving. The time has come for us to refresh our look, in line with the company that we have evolved into,”

said the Founder and CEO, Arjun Rao, on the day of the launch.

The UX Group also inaugurated their experience center with an exhibition, ‘Identity’, to walk employees through the thought process behind the new logo.

ValueLabs also unveiled its new website later that evening.

About ValueLabs

ValueLabs is a global technology company focused on Product Development, Data Technology and Digital services. Powered by the Digital FlywheelTM, ValueLabs provides seamless end-to-end solutions in the fields of Customer Experience, Data & Analytics, Architecture and Automation. Over the last 22 years, they have expanded to 28 locations and 150 clients, with an industry leading client NPS score of 75.

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