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Press Release

ValueLabs Announces Collaboration with Red Hat to Deliver Business Process Management Solutions

ValueLabs, a global leader in enterprise consulting and system integration services, has announced that it is collaborating with Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, on plans to use Red Hat’s technology to offer business process management (BPM)-based industry solutions to better compete in the digital era.


Digital transformation is affecting the ground rules within companies and across industries. No company will escape digital disruption. As per research from Global Center for Digital Business Transformation, 40 percent of incumbents in each industry will be displaced by digital disruption in the next five years.


To better compete in the digital era, ValueLabs is building the following industry and technical solutions to accelerate efficiencies:

  • Operational Workbench: to enhance productivity of banking operations personnel by providing a one-stop workbench to enable access to relevant systems and processes
  • Automated Underwriting: to automate the underwriting process (and hence reduce the time to underwrite a life insurance application) while maintaining the quality of underwriting decisions.
  • Mobile BPM: to create a mobile-enabled BPM solution for financial services customers for faster customer on-boarding, driving superior client experience and relationships.

“This collaboration with Red Hat will help us extend our leadership in the BPM space, as it combines Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite with ValueLabs’ domain and technology expertise to create industry-specific BPM solutions,” said Ram Manjeri, senior vice president, Sales and Marketing, ValueLabs.

“ValueLabs excels in delivering digital solutions for global enterprises with BPM solutions. This collaboration enables customers to accelerate efficiencies by transforming and reinventing business processes to better compete in the digital era,” said Rajesh Rege, managing director, India, Red Hat.

About ValueLabs

ValueLabs is a leading business technology services and solutions provider catering to over 150 customers through 25 offices spread globally. Drawing on more than 5000 employees, innovative solutions and a flexible extended team engagement model, the company helps its clients stay ahead of the learning curve, drive revenues, and enhance market position. It has several long-standing client relationships, with the average tenure of its top 15 clients being more than nine years. Over nearly two decades since its inception, thriving on the principles of Perfection, Love, Unselfishness and Strength (PLUS), the company is ‘inspired by potential’ and is a firm believer in the Company as a Platform (CaaP) concept. Its services span across consulting, digital solutions, software product and application development, maintenance, quality assurance, infrastructure and product engineering services for leading organizations across verticals.

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