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ValueLabs celebrates Annual Day with fanfare

ValueLabs, a global IT services company, celebrated its annual ValMeet function at Classic Gardens on Friday (July 23, 2010).

ValMeet is a cultural fest of ValueLabs where the company’s employees, along with their families, celebrate the success and growth of the organization over the years. This year’s event marks the completion of 13 years of the company’s existence.

The event, which began at around 6.30 PM, was held with much fanfare and aplomb and centred on honouring the company’s employees for their contributions to the success of the organization.

The function marked the conclusion of month-long celebrations by the company’s employees, which included singing and dance competitions, skit performances, role plays, debates and various indoor games. The enthusiastic participation by the employees in various events, and the spontaneous response from the audience added to the gaiety of the celebrations.

The employees brought their family members – parents, spouses, kids – along with them and made them feel part of the celebrations. A special section was dedicated for children where various kinds of indoor games and fun activities were organized.

In his address to the gathering, ValueLabs’ CEO Mr. Arjun Rao expressed his deep gratitude to the employees and clients for their dedication, trust and cooperation. Since its inception, ValueLabs has focused on fostering a unique culture where ethics and social responsibility are given the highest priority, he said. A steady growth despite a difficult business environment is testimony to the company’s organizational culture, which propounds team camaraderie, dedication and resilience as its core values, he said.

“ValMeet is also opportunity for our employees to relax and enjoy themselves. As we are an IT services company, all through the year, we work hard under tight deadlines, deliverables and other pressures. Occasions like these are meant to bring home the point that there’s more to life than just work,” Arjun Rao noted.

About ValueLabs

ValueLabs ( is a global IT services company offering technology consulting, software product development, testing and knowledge process outsourcing services. The company was setup in 1997 with a vision to deliver value to clients worldwide using an effective Global Delivery Model. ValueLabs core competency is in building Extended Teams in India that are dedicated to the client, based on their specific requirements that consistently deliver quality services and in due course become a seamless extension of the client delivering clear competitive advantage beyond traditional cost-efficiencies.

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