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Press Release

ValueLabs celebrates Annual Day with fanfare

ValueLabs, a global IT consulting and outsourcing services provider, celebrated its annual cultural fest, ValMeet, at N-Convention here on Friday (July 01, 2011). ValMeet is an occasion where the company’s employees, along with their family members, celebrate the success and growth of the organization.

This year’s ValMeet marked the 14th anniversary of ValueLabs and was celebrated with fanfare. Mr. Ram Manjeri, SVP (Sales & Marketing), at ValueLabs, lit the inaugural lamp. The evening took off on an exciting note with skits, dance shows, singing, mimicry, role plays, fun contests and games by the company’s employees.

ValMeet preparations typically begin a month prior to the event. Every employee takes part in one or the other performance or takes ownership of organizing or coordinating for an event. It is done on a voluntary basis. ValMeet also serves as an opportunity for employees to relax and enjoy themselves. Occasions like these are meant to bring home the point that there’s more to life than just work.

“The function encapsulates the spirit of ValueLabs and the fun culture we propound at work. It is completely owned and managed by ValueLabs’ staff. The various performances you see on stage were all conceived and produced by our employees purely on their interest, and is a testimony to their creativity and enthusiasm,” observed ValueLabs’ CEO Mr. Arjun Rao

The perfectly decorated venue, the creative programmes by enthusiasts and the spontaneous applause from the audience added to the gaiety and the spirit of celebrations. In tune with this year’s theme for the evening, the employees and their family members turned out in “retro” attires, symbolizing the dressing fashions that were in vogue during 1970s and ’80s.

About ValueLabs

ValueLabs ( is a global IT services company offering technology consulting, software product development, testing and knowledge process outsourcing services. The company was setup in 1997 with a vision to deliver value to clients worldwide using an effective Global Delivery Model. ValueLabs core competency is in building Extended Teams in India that are dedicated to the client, based on their specific requirements that consistently deliver quality services and in due course become a seamless extension of the client delivering clear competitive advantage beyond traditional cost-efficiencies.

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