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Press Release

ValueLabs’ facility selected for national design awards

ValueLabs has added another feather in its cap when the company’s facility at HITEC City, Hyderabad, recently received recognition in a national design award. The 150,000-sq. ft software campus has received a special mention under the category of ‘Public / Institutional Buildings’ in the Architecture+Design & Spectrum Foundation Awards 2007.

Sponsored by Asia’s leading architectural journal, Architecture Plus Design, and the Spectrum Foundation, the award is given to the best entries in categories, such as institutional buildings, group housing, individual houses, innovative interiors and others. Over the years more than two hundred architects have served as jury members to select the winners, which receive trophies and prizes at an annual ceremony.

The recognition reinforces ValueLabs’ conviction in instilling a sense of belonging and community among its 1,500 employees, the company CEO Arjun Rao said. The facility aims to achieve a “fit” between the arrangement of an office space and the work culture of the organization, which is critical for the work process, he explained.

“All of us at ValueLabs are happy to know about the awards. We would like to thank our architects, Chandavarkar and Thacker Architects for their contribution in creating this exceptional piece of architecture. It has been a pleasure working with them, and we can’t wait to commence our next project with them,” he said.

The building layout is made up of spaces that encourage bonding through facilitating informal encounters among employees.

“At the centre of the design process for this project was a concern for a sense of community that a workplace must build,” added Prem Chandavarkar of Chandavarkar and Thacker Architects Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore, popularly known as CnT, who designed the ValueLabs campus. “The sense of community is crucial to building an organizational culture.”

About the facility

The facility houses about 1,500 people on a two-acre site, in a building block that for Vaastu reasons, is a perfect cuboid without any indentations or protrusions. It is spread over four smaller blocks, each housing about 100 people on each of the four floors. Each block has a central sunlit space such as a mini-atrium, around which are organized the informal discussion areas with the conventional furniture.

The four blocks are connected by a generous public stairway-modelled on the 15th century step-well at Adalaj in Gujarat, which forms a long, sunlit atrium for the entire building. The design has created a range of informal public spaces from the level of the group of 100 to that of the entire building.

About Chandavarkar and Thacker Architects

Chandavarkar & Thacker is one of Bangalore’s earliest architectural firm. Founded by the late Mr. Narayan Chandavarkar in 1947, CnT continues to excel in the field of architectural design and has retained a value system that focuses on high-quality design, ethical practice and a working philosophy based on courtesy consideration and collaboration.

About ValueLabs

ValueLabs ( is a multi-shore product development and services company established in 1997. The company was setup with a vision to deliver value to clients worldwide using an effective Global Delivery Model in the areas of Software Product / Application Development, Software QA / Testing, Remote Infrastructure Management and Support. The company provides services to mid-sized and multi-billion Dollar companies.


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