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Press Release

ValueLabs launches Cognitive Ops as a new service line

ValueLabs LLP, a global technology services provider, has announced the launch of a new service line, “Cognitive Operations”.

ValueLabs is changing the fundamental way in which business processes are carried out within organizations by applying the Digital FlywheelTM framework. This has resulted in significant improvements in quality and speed, resulting in cost savings of about 30-55% for some of their clients. They have helped automate the extraction of data entities from legal contracts, optimize onboarding processes through automated data extraction from KYC documents, ML based categorization and closure of IT helpdesk tickets, automated loan processing through AI, etc.

‘Cognitive Operations’ caters to a wide range of business functions like Finance (automation and analytics in accounts payables, receivables, business finance and accounting), Legal (contract abstraction, discovery services, and NLP powered legal bots), IT Helpdesk, Customers Support, HR, Procurement, etc.

Ranga Phani, SVP Digital Consulting and Strategy, said “These are exciting times for us and our clients. The capabilities we have built in the Machine Learning space, when applied to real business use cases, are producing stunning results. We were able to automate about 40% of the work in our own internal Business Finance function last year!  Some of our clients who have subscribed to our Cognitive Operations service line have seen efficiency gains upwards of 35%.”

IP/Accelerators that are being made available as a part of Cognitive Ops by ValueLabs include the Cognitive Extractor (CE), DAN (Knowledge Base Automation), TDH (Test Data Hub – ML based Test Data Generator).

About ValueLabs

ValueLabs is a global technology company focused on Product Development, Data Technology and Digital Services. Powered by The Digital Flywheel™, ValueLabs provides end-to-end solutions in the fields of Customer Experience, Data & Analytics, Product Development, and Automation. Over the last 22 years, the company has expanded to 30 locations, 5500 associates, 150 clients worldwide, and recorded an industry-leading client Net Promoter Score (NPS) of over 75 in 2019.

About The Digital Flywheel™

The concept of the Digital Flywheel™ was developed using the following four elements: Design, Data & Analytics, Automation and Product Development. We have Business Strategy at the core of the Digital Flywheel™, to stay aligned with our clients’ digital transformation goals. Each element of the Digital Flywheel™ amplifies the other, creating sustainable business momentum.

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