Identity: an exhibition.
A Phygital experience.

The re-branding was an integrated process combining company strategy and brand design. We embarked on the project to depict not just the outcome of the new brand identity, but the passion which goes behind making it impactful.

THE challenge

Create an engaging space to present the design process followed to introduce a new brand identity of ValueLabs.


More than 1500 visitors, including ValueLabs employees, clients and academia, experienced the exhibition. The recorded feedback demonstrated the improved understanding of the design process, which eased the brand engagement and process of identity transformation.


The set of exhibits include process boards, animated videos, Hologram, Posters, interview cards, location cards and souvenirs.

Transformation is tricky. Boldly showing what went behind the scene, and educating masses on the meaning of a new brand can be daunting. However, the recent exhibition which was a phygital experience gave visitors clarity and a more in-depth understanding of ValueLab’s new brand identity. Exhibition achieved its aim of creating awareness about the design process for our clients and inside the organisation Ultimately achieving its strategic goal of improving brand engagement.

The non-linear narrative was followed starting with the logo and then taking deep dive into the range of exhibits including methodology, hologram, design research, website, personality board, Brand collaterals and take-a-ways. Each display placed the momentum to its next exhibit.

The theme-based projection emanated the entire space of the exhibition. A warm glow of spotlights softly lit the process boards. The recessed lighting helped to anchor the attention on the location cards. The simplified visual identity of the exhibition itself allowed for regaining relevance with both business value of ‘Doing the right thing’ and the transformation of the brand’s identity. VR archiving of this time-based event makes the entire experience accessible and portable.

“Great accomplishment.”


The instant feedback has led to the validation of the agenda and productive collaborations in the exhibition and phygital experience design projects.