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Designed in 1997, the old logo represents the values and the ideologies of ValueLabs from the ‘90s, when the company was a team of just three people. The fonts used were futuristic, representing an organization that aimed real big. The color stories are inspired from that era and presents a blocked and bound placement of the logo element.

As a pioneer in the IT services domain, ValueLabs has a grown to 30 countries and 150 clients with an industry leading NPS of 80. While reimagining the logo and website, ValueLabs wanted to ensure the experience is simpler for the primary stakeholders – clients and employees (both current and prospective).

The new identity was expected to reflect the foundational values that they started with along with positioning them as a leading global technology company. This required a modern, sophisticated look with an easy interface with its clients, employees and job seekers. With this rebranding, ValueLabs was looking to get more relevant to its stakeholders while articulating its values, offerings and opportunities.

There was a comprehensive design process that was followed to redesign the identity for ValueLabs.
Translating keywords to shapes
From user research, we shortlisted few keywords that the employees and clients associate with ValueLabs.
Form Exploration
Logo icon construction
Colour Board
The new color keppel is a mix of blue, yellow and green. Blue represents freedom, yellow represents hope and green represents all things done right – the concepts that people relate with the ValueLabs brand as of today.

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