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Project : ValueLabs branding: Logo

Designed in 1997, this old logo represents the values from the 90s, early ideologies when the company was a team of just three people. The fonts for them, were futuristic, representing an organization that aimed real big. The colour stories are inspired from that era, and show a very blocked & bound placement of the logo elements.

Rebranding : The shape, fluid in nature, inspired from diamond and togetherness reflects the core of the organization quite effectively owing to the shape & simplicity of design. The play of spaces and logo element has changes the outlook from rigid to seamlessly neomodern. The colour, black and Keppel represent a very fresh energetic generation, eager to grow and win over in every neo modernistic way.
Translating keywords to shapes
From Valuelabs stack ideology, we arrived at keywords such as Doing the right things, Trust, One company etc. A short exercise with office employees to map their understanding of keywords, and simplifying words so that they relate to Valuelabs stack.
Form Exploration
Logo icon construction
Colour Board
The new colour, Keppel is a mix of Blue, Yellow and Green.Blue for freedom, yellow for hope and green for all things done right, concept that people relate with the VL brand today.

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