Chatbots: Digital assistant at your fingertips

As more & more businesses are utilizing virtual assistants for resolving consumer issues or assisting internal stakeholders — Chatbots are witnessing greater user acceptance. The shift towards “conversation” with non-human is on the rise as reported by several independent research. As chatbots essentially mimic human-like conversations with their users — their effectiveness depends on the user experience it provides and how effectively it understands and guides toward the right solution.

Hey there, I am happy to help you anytime.

ChatBots are always ONLINE. Once deployed, they are always active to help their users. Be it accessing data, gathering data or understanding consumer issues and resolving them, they are available on the click of a button. It is a perfect tool to quickly identify the problem faced by the consumer or in some cases even completely resolve the problem, all without human involvement.

The Need for SPEED. Resolving consumer issues quickly goes a long way in keeping customers happy. A chatbot powered by Machine Learning achieves this objective: and it gets better at it over time.

Being always ONLINE and faster SPEED of response combine to make chatbots a great assistant for self-service in simple scenarios, gathering information and providing guidance and recommendations.

ValueLabs’ Configurable Chatbots: Configure, Integrate, Deploy

What if business users could create a chatbot without any coding? Create the rules of conversation themselves? And even change the conversation flow on their own to reflect the changes in the business processes?

valuelabs configurable chatbots

ValueLabs’ Configurable Chabots gives business users the ease to create their own chatbots — without any coding. Through Drag and Drop and just a few clicks one can create rule-based chatbots and publish them across platforms.

Configurable Chatbots can also be integrated with databases and APIs to deliver Real-Time data. Thus, ensuring the task remains on track without any human interference with greater accuracy and consistency.

By giving complete control to business owners our solution ensures that chatbots achieve the objective of seamless consumer experience while adapting rapidly to constantly changing business scenarios.

Written by Rakshit Chaudhary, Associate Director, Sales at ValueLabs

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