Telecom’s game changers: BI and Advanced Analytics

Bringing in value through OCDM

Telco networks and operational systems generate an exponential amount of data every single day; volumes that contribute towards increasing data warehouse sizes every year. Also, the rollout of LTE networks brings in more data from multiple sources, forcing Telcos to plan their year-on-year (YoY) capacity requirements much ahead of schedule.

Data complexity is, admittedly, increasing due to business complexity. Large CSPs are operated across various operational companies (OpCos) and Lines of Business (LOBs), and are mandated to calculate and report various metrics including churn probability and customer value. As data volumes increase, most Telcos find themselves lacking a holistic solution which can help them with actionable insights. Harnessing customer and operational data is becoming more crucial than ever for telecom service providers. This is driving them to invest more in BI and Advanced Analytics to, in turn, improve decision making and overall efficiency.

Oracle Communications Data Model (OCDM) is an Oracle solution that enables Telcos to turn business data into information which can facilitate making the right decisions. OCDM has its own pre-built online analytical processing (OLAP) and data mining models which detect hidden information in data repositories. It helps businesses to detect critical information like churn and / or the probability of a customer switching from service provider A to service provider B. It helps analyze critical product profitability metrics, including product and service performance, debt aging, collected / uncollected invoice, acquisition and retention cost. The solution can also help to determine YoY product performance in terms of amortized contract sales, product cannibalization, usage of pre / postpaid VAS, and so on. It provides a framework to determine network health, including network availability, dropped call and failure rates, traffic patterns and congestion, and also helps gauge network performance. The solution provides out-of- the-box features for customer profiling to understand customer order behavior which, in turn, helps identify and predict the best customers. Isn’t that cool?

OCDM also provides a componentized framework and design to allow the creation of proprietary solution IPs (Intellectual Properties) for specific customer use cases. For instance, building solutions to communicate to non-Oracle sources, enhancing the reporting layer and already-provided communications analytic applications like social network analytics and billing analytics, and so on.

For Telcos, success in today’s fast-paced marketplace can only come through an improved decision making process. Standards-based, easily extensible integrated modern data warehouse solutions that provide a pre-built, enterprise wide data model aligned to the TMF SID guidelines, available predictive analytics, and communications analytics applications will – in the near future – drive telecom service providers to spend more time in analyzing and taking important decisions rather than collecting and managing data.

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