Multi-Cloud App Management Platform

Managing Complex Applications in the Cloud

In the current times, a growing majority of business applications re-quire a level of complexity not easily addressed by a single hosting service, because one application may include multiple logical services, different programming languages, differing types of data storage needs, and a range of run-time requirements. In addition, teams are generally composed of developers with vastly different areas of expertise and experience. So, all such situations accounts for and demands the need for a comprehensive service or platform over cloud to administer the applications on cloud and it is here Application Management Platforms / Multi-cloud Application Management platforms comes to our rescue.

Multi-Cloud Application Management Platform

A multi-cloud application management platform (multi-CAMP) is a cloud strategy that manages the use of multiple public, private or hybrid cloud platforms and all its users’ resources, thereby optimizing data management. This allows end users to focus on running an application with all of their other resources organized in one place without worrying about different platforms and their various quirks.

The multi-CAMP specification provides multiple cloud platform vendors like CloudBees, Cloudsoft Corporation, Rackspace, Red Hat and others; a common development application program interface (API); a set of protocols and tools that can work across multiple cloud systems and infrastructure without requiring much revision; and a plat-form that is compatible with Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) environments i.e. multi-cloud platform enables you to manage all of your clouds viz. public, private, and hybrid etc. and all of your resources namely compute, storage, and networking etc. with minimum ease and sophistication. Importantly, with multiple cloud management, all the cloud-specific differences are abstracted so that you can simply focus on running your applications since all of your resources are in one place and are organized for ease with logical groups of servers called deployments. So, the advantage remains that one can seamlessly provision, configure and automate individual servers or entire deployments in minutes.

From a technical standpoint, multi-CAMP strategy actually uses connected cloud services to decrease the risk of data loss or down time because of an error in a cloud computing environment. This is be-cause data localized in one cloud service might still be at risk in the event of a service failure or malfunction and as a result, the data stored in that particular cloud may not be accessed anymore. However, the multi-cloud application management platform address afore-said issues and also aims to improve the overall performance by using different resources or infrastructure to fulfil the computing needs of its users and partners. Since there are different services on offer, CAMP optimizes its strategy to steer the data traffic of its different partner platforms through the fastest possible routes in the network. Importantly, it categorizes different clouds according to the tasks each cloud performs and as a result, users are able to select the best cloud service for a particular task.

CloudSoft’s amp (application management platform) – is the worlds leading AMP solution provider from both commercial and Open-source front. CloudSoft’s AMP is a comprehensive set of soft-ware which streamlines the development and operation of applications. AMP orchestrates services, platforms and infrastructures to ensure they directly meet the needs of applications, dynamically and in real time. This results in more reliable operations, productive development and greater agility for IT to respond to their business needs.

CloudSoft’s AMP adds more value by increasing the agility and reliability-ity throughout the application life-cycle. Importantly, it integrates with existing tools and processes to maximize the business value, develop-er productivity, code quality, business continuity and operational excellence.

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