Laboratories 2.0 with paperless labs

Lab operations have always been a challenge for healthcare companies. It is common to see multiple disintegrated heterogeneous systems in lab environments, resulting in accumulation of relevant information in siloed pockets. It is absolutely necessary for healthcare companies to connect these pockets to get an integrated environment. This integrated environment will eliminate information exchange challenges, expedite research processes by capturing experimental details with zero manual data entry, and streamline laboratory knowledge and repositories. An integrated system will help improve coordination in lab environments and drive good momentum to innovate in R&D and QA processes.

Paperless labs create such integrated environments and are a boon to especially those healthcare firms that depend heavily on lab operations and output for their routine productivity. It is the ideal smart solution to optimize the research time, cost of operations, and improve laboratory outcomes. From the technology perspective, paperless labs are about creating data warehouses for building effective and efficient lab analytics.

Paperless labs enable:

  • Seamless data transfer between lab and enterprise systems
  • Better productivity through process harmonization, speedier research and manufacturing processes. Applies to various types of labs
  • Adherence to regulatory normsPaperless laboratories are increasingly becoming mandatory entities. More so because it’s no secret that precise data management and accessibility play a key role in lab operations and, in turn, in the success of pharma and biotech companies.

Labs carry a complex web of processes. Paperless labs need to function in uniquely different ways in disparate industries – be it healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing, QC, research labs, hospitals, pharmaceuticals and biorepositories – in terms of workflow.

To expedite the journey of setting up a paperless lab, ValueLabs has built eCON, a Cloud-based generic connector that links all the nuggets of a lab environment. eCON is also a B2B tool that connects patients to the management through labs.

Finally, healthcare companies should adopt a multipronged approach and involve a rich pool of consultants serving the entire value chain – for implementing paperless labs.

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