Creating the New Age Enterprise

Rapid advancements in wireless infrastructure have made connectivity ubiquitous. Sophisticated solutions such as media, social sites, games and productivity tools have become as common as the traditional telephony services. Mobile technology has evolved from enabling enterprise email and data on the move, to providing advanced applications that have the potential to change the way enterprises do business. Evolution in location-based services, social networks, mobile payment processing, low-cost device add-ons and integration with enterprise systems has facilitated the consumption and production of information, goods and services from anywhere in the world.

Rising competition, data security and compliance pressures have made it imperative to ensure high-quality, high-performance and high-availability of business critical software and data, all under a highly secure environment. The importance of Enterprise Mobility cannot be overstated in this climate.

Enterprises have realized how a powerful mobile presence can improve business agility and deliver superior customer service (by enabling informed decisions and timely actions). Enterprises are, therefore, increasingly looking at using the mobile medium for providing innovative solutions, creating new revenue streams, and reducing operational costs and overhead.

Many enterprises are adopting Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs to give employees access to company resources anywhere and anytime, thereby increasing productivity and driving employee satisfaction. However, the need for securing employee-owned devices and supporting multiple mobile platforms, while securing corporate data, can be challenging for the enterprises. ValueLabs works with enterprises to help them maximize the potential of their enterprise mobility strategy.

Making the transition to Enterprise Mobility: Key things to consider

The need of the hour is to employ secure, scalable and cost-effective enterprise mobility solutions that navigate technological complexities and help enterprises transform their business processes to emerge future-ready for the mobile era.

The best practices to be kept in mind while adopting enterprise mobility for your organization are:

>> Business analysis

It is imperative to understand the challenges and complexities involved in adapting to enterprise mobility. Only with detailed know-how of the business requirements and internal processes, organizations can initiate decisions and prepare the ideal mobile strategy for facilitating the transition to enterprise mobility.

Enterprise mobility providers need to empower enterprises by offering robust plans that are future-proof, secure and reliable. Vital aspects of the mobility strategy, such as the correct installation of enterprise applications and compatibility with various devices & OS, should be covered as part of the business/technology consulting process.

>> Planning and execution

From our 14 years of experience in mobile development and testing, we have understood that one of the crucial aspects is to transform the clientele’s business process radically and help them effortlessly embrace mobility. Enterprise mobility solutions based on pre-built solutions and platforms significantly reduce operational costs.

Enterprise mobility service offerings should include advanced analytics about the usage, management and tracking of enterprise data through:

>> Mobile Application Management (MAM): To manage enterprise applications across company, employee or shared devices in the enterprise.

>> Mobile Device Management (MDM): To quickly enroll devices in the enterprise environment, configure and update device settings Over-The-Air (OTA), enforce security policies, comply with regulatory requirements, offer secure mobile access to employees and remotely lock/wipe managed devices.

>> Provisioning and Deployment: Covered as a part of the Mobile Device Management (MDM) module, organizations need to ensure the following services are offered as a part of the enterprise mobility service offering: configuration of new devices, OS compatibility, application upgrades, backup and restoration, accessibility in remotely controlling devices, service discovery and provisioning.

>> Mobile Content Management (MCM): To ensure the secure distribution and access to official documents for employees’ on-the-go from their mobile devices and tablets.

>> Maintenance

It is a prime aspect of offering quality enterprise mobility services to organizations as it delves into day-to-day operational issues, version control of application source codes, development of add-ins, periodic releases, performance enhancements and necessary documentation.

With experience across every touchpoint of the mobile ecosystem, ValueLabs delivers best-in-class consumer and enterprise mobility solutions that:

>> Facilitate collaboration across the enterprise, boost workforce productivity and reduce transaction costs and time
>> Improve decision making by empowering employees with real-time information
>> Transform user experience, increase reach and streamline workflows

How organizations can add value through enterprise mobility

Key business values that organizations achieve by embracing enterprise mobility include:

>> Building long-standing customer relationships

Mobility solutions that capture information about customer interactions and activities before and after sales discussions bring a new level of understanding that can deepen insight, increase responsiveness and improve communications. Real-time knowledge of evolving customer history and changing needs allows enterprises to deliver relevant and valuable service and information.

>>Increased operational efficiency

Mobile enablement allows collaboration across the enterprise boosts workforce productivity and reduces transaction costs and time. Specifically, in the areas of inventory management or customer support, mobile solutions are an upgrade to the manual, non-integrated tools many personnel use to track inventory or respond to customer queries. Mobile solutions help shorten the time to replenish supplies, increasing inventory throughput / sales and speed tracking or resolution of issues. Many companies are experiencing these benefits by adopting enterprise mobility services. At ValueLabs, we have built customized mobile solutions that have revolutionized the organization’s work environment and simplified operations.

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