Give yourself a ‘digital facelift’ with ECO

The world today is rapidly transforming into a ‘digital enterprise.’ This is a phenomenon which has accelerated the pace of enterprise planning while bringing in a bouquet of new technologies and innovations.

Rolling out an enterprise application within an organization now goes much beyond infrastructure, applications, data and management considerations.

Cutting-edge organizations acknowledge the role sound Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) plays in streamlining processes and offering unbroken connectivity between internal teams and their end customers. No surprise then that they are adopting modern ERP, Cloud applications, Predictive / Reactive Analytics and Social Engineering at an unprecedented speed to create robust IT infrastructures and embark on their digital journeys.

Insights in integrated enterprise markets are essential to facilitate these digital journeys and catalyze business transformation. The rising star in solutions that bring about this transformation are ValueLabs’ Oracle ECO solutions. An acronym for Enterprise, Cloud and Omnichannel, Oracle ECO solutions derive intelligence by feeding real-time customer information across multiple channels of interaction and stores, online, mobile and social into back-office ERP applications. As a result, they are able to bring about optimized TCO, maximized ROI, and improved customer experience by delivering 360-degree visibility of customer in terms of sales, marketing, service and social presence.

Oracle ECO solutions are specifically designed to meet organizations’ business priorities and help them realize their business and IT objectives. For instance,  ValueLabs’ innovative Transform N Transition offerings of upgrades, implementation and enhancements are guided by the principle of maximizing ROI and deep domain expertise. State-of-the-art application integration suites and apps modernization frameworks must, therefore, adopt an outcome-based approach to implement modern Oracle ERP Cloud applications and make businesses future ready.

Augment your productivity and get future ready by reaping the benefits of Mobility, Analytics and the Cloud. Make the leap into business transformation!

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