Everybody, regardless of their gender, is given a common platform

This is an interview with Shilpi Shah, Senior Vice President – Global Delivery. Our team spoke to her about her experience with ValueLabs, her mantra to excel at work and her secret to meeting deadlines with a smile.

Interviewer: Hi Shilpi, thank you for being with us today. Could you please tell us about your experience with ValueLabs till date?

Shilpi: Hello. I joined ValueLabs around three years back and it has been a phenomenal journey since then. In these three years, I have grown both as a professional and as an individual. Being offered a position in the Delivery Leadership Team was the most important opportunity for me. This was about nine months ago.

Interviewer: What do you find exciting about your current role?

Shilpi: My portfolio has increased multifold since this reorganization. Today, I have a team of about 1100+ professionals working with me. I am responsible for the delivery from ValueLabs to all the clients across the US East Coast and Canada regions. I am also working as an SME for insurance, RPA and IOT divisions, running COEs for all key areas.

This role is very challenging but I am very happy taking up the responsibility. I have to be on my toes 24×7, but it has helped me grow as a professional. This has been a great learning experience for me.

Interviewer: That’s inspiring! Very few women make it to the top in the tech industry. Did you ever feel you had to traverse a more difficult journey to get here compared to your male colleagues?

Shilpi: At ValueLabs, employees are assessed through a fair mechanism and everyone is given an equal opportunity to prove their mettle. This was a fair assessment of the capability of all individuals during the reorganization. I think the best part of it was that everybody, irrespective of their gender, was given a common platform to prove their skills, capabilities and grow within the organization. I can confidently say that I have never experienced any bias towards or against me (or women in general) during my association with the company.

Interviewer: What would be your advice to young leaders who want to make it big in their career?

Shilpi: One thing I definitely want to tell our young leaders, both men and women, is that you need to learn to balance personal and professional commitments. Prioritizing helps simplify these responsibilities. There will be times when you have to pick one over the other, but with time, you find that balance. That will allow your work to easily become a happy place. As an individual and a professional, I am very happy to be a part of ValueLabs.

It has reinforced my belief that if there is talent, a zeal to work and an excitement to learn new things, one can achieve success. Opportunities will definitely knock on your door.

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